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Alan Menkin

I Got the Music In Me; A History of Legendary Disney Musicians

Movies, TV or parks music has been a focus to forward, enrich, or highlight the story and story telling is what Disney is all about. »

Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom

Did you know, that we are celebrating 25 years of the Disney Conservation Fund (established on Earth Day)? »

To All Who Come to this Happy Place….

To All Who Come to this Happy Place….

In this quarters D23 is a retrospective of Disneyland. Here is a "knee-jerk" response to the opening ceremony of Disneyland. »


Disney and Our “Museum of the Mind”

Seems like just about every article I submit has a reference to 50 years ago. Joyce Carlson 50+ years of service; Disneyland open 50+ years; »

Joyce Carlson, Another Disney Legend

Joyce Carlson, Another Disney Legend

Joyce Carlson started with the Walt Disney Company in 1944 working in what was called the Traffic Department. »

The History of Disney World Ticket Prices and Why They Keep Raising Them

The History of Disney World Ticket Prices and Why They Keep Raising Them

Find out more about Disney World's ticket pricing history and why they continue to raise its prices. »

Iwerks for Disney

Iwerks for Disney

Talent. That intangible tangible that we all look for. How is it measured? Are you born with it? Can it be taught or learned? »

Room for One More

It just seems I keep saying this, but the Haunted Mansion, HM in text speak, is another iconic attraction. Maybe I should just dub all attractions iconic. It seems each is worthy of reminiscing on history and creativity. »

What’s In a Name?

The Disney Hollywood Studios. Yes, 30 years in the making and this park has to be the most dynamic in the shortest period of time then any other park. »

Four Score and 55 Years Ago

Walt Disney was a master of creation. Roy Disney was a master of finance. Between the two, a foundation of funding and fantasy has given park visitors years of enjoyment. »

Ask Dave

Walt Disney was probably the biggest influence on my life, other then my father.   I am a child of what I personally consider Disney’s greatest generation of entertainment.   I believe it shows with all the anniversary articles I have types over the last few months.   Dave Smith approached Walt back in 1970 and asked, do you have an archivist, a librarian.   A job wa... »

D23 is Celebrating 10 Years of Magic

I am a member of D23. In fact, I am a Charter Member. Yeah baby! Look at me being all one of the first! Membership plans range from individual to family. »

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