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:note: Jukebox

How can I add favorites to my playlists in the jukebox?

There are two ways:

  1. Hover over “Jukebox” in the main nav then click on “Browse Music Catalog”. You will see hearts after every song title; clicking on that will bring up a window to add it to your favorites. Supporters have the option to add it to custom playlists.
  2. In the jukebox when listening to a song, look at the bottom where the player controls are and you will see a heart. Clicking on that will bring up a window to add it to your favorites.

Why are the hearts greyed-out when trying to add a song to favorites?

This means that you ran out of slots. For every experience level you gain 10 slots; you start with 10.

How can I create custom playlists as a supporter?

Hover over “Jukebox” in the main nav then click on “My Playlists”. At the very top-left you will see a box with an input field. Create the name of your playlist and click the button that says “Create Playlist”.

How can I listen to other member's custom playlists?

When you visit a member’s profile, on the top-right there is a list of their custom playlists (if they have any). Click the listen button and the jukebox will load with their playlist. Custom playlists are only available to supporter.

Why would I rate a song?

Rating a song helps other members know which songs are better than others. The top 25 make it into the playlist “Top 25 Rated”.

:up: Experience Level

What is an experience level (XP)?

This is a way to keep track of who is the most active and contributes to D-CoT. The higher XP you have, the more perks you receive. Not only that, but they are bragging rights!

How can I increase my experience level (XP)?

Whenever you take certain actions on the site, you receive points. These points are found in your profile under “My Points” or in your dashboard. When you reach 100 points your experience level, or XP, will increase.

What is the point of XP?

The more XP you have, the more things you unlock. For example, for every 1 experience level you gain you receive an extra hour per month of listening time. You also receive 10 more slots in your favorites list. Remember, as a supporter you receive unlimited hours and slots.

:heart: Supporter

How much does it cost?

$35 for the year. That’s less than $3 a month!

Why would I support the site?

Your support contributes to hosting, maintenance and licensing. When you gain a supporter status* you receive the following perks:

  • Access to the mobile jukebox (listen on-the-go)
  • +1 experience level (XP)
  • Unlimited favorite slots
  • Custom playlists
  • Order your playlists
  • Unlimited listening hours
  • Unlimited photo albums
  • Supporter tag on activities, your profile page and forums
  • Green username color in the jukebox listener list
  • Access to the Magic Playlist option in the jukebox desktop version

:map: Photos

Why are my photos sideways when I upload them from my mobile device?

Basically, photo rotation problem is related to iPhone orientation and how WP handles EXIF data. Mobile devices can take pictures on different rotations depending on how the device is held. The rotation info is stored in the exif data -> orientation for each picture, usually a jpg. I’m trying to work on this issue.

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