Magic Behind the Music: Epcot – Future World – Spaceship Earth (Walter Cronkite)

Opening with Epcot on October 1, 1982, was the park’s icon, doubling as an original ride: Spaceship Earth. Fittingly our feature track for today was one of the first ones to comprise the D-COT Jukebox when it was launched on September 1, 2008. It has a total play count of 12,883 with 8 for the week. It is a favorite of 159 members and Supporters have added it to 21 Custom Playlists. It gets a 4.5/5 average rating across 62 votes.

As a guest enters Epcot from the main gate, even today, the very first attraction that beckons someone to enter is Spaceship Earth, however, for the experienced traveler, it may not be the first line to get into. Still even for the experienced traveler, it is an attraction often on the short list of must-do’s. Just ignore the fact that it probably was never on Stacey’s list. The ride since its opening day has been taking guests through the history of human communication on a slow-moving omni-mover through the interior of a rather large geodesic sphere. This was quite the engineering feat for 1982. The design had to be tested for wind prior to construction. If it wasn’t the right height off the ground, it would form a wind tunnel underneath that guests could not withstand. Further there had to be a gutter system so it wouldn’t collect rain water and drench people underneath. If you don’t know what that would look like, hold a golf ball under a trickle of running water.

In the 40+ years of its existence, the attraction has had 4 narrators. Walter Cronkite was the second, but his voice was instantly recognizable at that time. He was famous for reporting the news on CBS for about 30 years and in that period, he covered multiple historic events including the assassination of President Kennedy, the Vietnam War, and the Apollo 11 Moon Landing just to name a few. In fact, he is the only narrator of the ride that, while he is no longer heard, can still be seen. People watch his report on the Apollo 11 Moon Landing on repeat as the ride passes through a 60’s family living room. And that’s the way it is.

P.S. – If you can read this, thank a Phoenician.

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  1. Well it’s on this Stacey’s list ;) always loved this classic narration. And that moon landing scene is still one of my favorites! Thank you Phoenicians! Even though the current version isn’t my favorite, I’ll never miss a chance to ride :heart: :epcot: :se:

  2. :epcot: :se: Loved the Walter Cronkite narration, such an air of solemnity. Since we went in ’83 that version is etched in my Spaceship Earth mind, along with the vast expanses of paving and not a tree bigger than a sapling to be found for shade. Re-lent-less sun! :( :oswald:

  3. Thanks Phoenicians! I always enjoyed the Cronkite narration. :epcot: :heart: :se:

  4. Thankful the Phoenicians made me able to read this article! Walter Cronkite will always be THE voice of Spaceship Earth!

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