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RocketEAR99 burning out his fuse on Disney Music.

Elton John has nothing on RocketEAR99’s music knowledge on D-COT!

dngnb8: What does your handle mean and the story behind it?

RocketEAR99: At first I thought about using my initials, J.E.T. That’s why some people on here and at home call me ”Jet”. My real name is Justin, but there are a lot of Justins out there. Anyway, I decided to make it more Disney, so I took JET down a rabbit trail (or raccoon trail, but this was previous to Guardians of the Galaxy) and came up with Rocketeer. Still, I decided to throw Mickey’s Ears in there for good measure and my number from high school football and that’s how I got RocketEAR99.

dngnb8: Looks like you didn’t fumble the handle.

dngnb8: When was your first trip to a Disney Park and what memory is the strongest?

RocketEAR99: I was 6 years old on my first trip to Walt Disney World. My parents waited until I was 6 so that I would remember it. I have 2 fond memories of that trip. One was riding 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea because submarines fascinate me. The other was having dinner at 50’s Prime Time Cafe. The waiter we had was hilarious! He talked about how ”Mom” was very upset that day because the kid next door, Indy, left his ball in their yard again!

dngnb8: Just another example of Disney crossing the generations. What else can one think of that touches one as young as 6 and still goes strong well into our adult lives.

dngnb8: When was your last trip to a Disney Park and what memory is the strongest?

RocketEAR99: My last trip was in August 2018 with my wife and immediately followed our first Disney Cruise which was memorable in itself for multiple magical reasons. We tend to go to Walt Disney World in August most years since my wife is a teacher, but that’s cool with us since we got married in the summer and are almost always celebrating our anniversary at Walt Disney World. That trip we dined at Citricos for the first time ever and due to celebrating our anniversary we were treated to champagne, a special dessert, and personalized menus that we got to take home. There were also very few other tables filled that evening so we practically had the place to ourselves.

dngnb8: I loved the cruise and a Happy Belated Anniversary.

dngnb8: You get to interview Walt Disney, but only are allowed 3 questions, what are they?

RocketEAR99: Walt and his life has also been something that has fascinated me. I’d have to ask him.

a. Bambi seems to be one of the more unique films of your career and it’s one of my favorites. What made you want to make that story one of your animated features?
b. Clearly you saw something in actor Kurt Russel when you cast him in Follow Me, Boys! What did you see? How did you know he would have such a prestigious acting career?
c. You were also a big fan of railroads from putting a model one in your backyard, to having them as part of your designs for Disneyland. What interests you most about trains?

dngnb8:  Walt seemed to have the Midas touch. So many young performers, so many stars.

dngnb8:  You write about ”Music”. What about that topic intrigues/motivates you?

RocketEAR99: When Steve asked me to do the Magic Behind the Music series, I was so excited because the music is what brought me here, as I imagine it has for most of us. The atmosphere is what keeps me coming back to Walt Disney World year after year and the music is part of that. Writing about the music for something in the Disney Parks also means a chance to write about something in the Parks that many of us already know and love. I’ve often thought that if I lived around Orlando, I would blog regularly about the various small parts of Walt Disney World. This gives me a chance to do that in a way.

dngnb8: There ya have it. RocketEAR99 blasts off with the 411 on our music. Hope we fueled your appetite for a little background on this contributor with a beat. If you want to ask him more questions, he will be at WDW Aug 4th-9th. Stay tuned, there is more to come.

dngnb8 is one of our contributors to D-COT and helps provide some very interesting historical info as well as the latest official Disney news.


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