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So far this has been highly entertaining for me.  I am enjoying getting to know my colleagues, and I hope you are enjoying this too. Next on the podium is Aimee.  I bet you can’t figure out her handle! Its super difficult.  Okay, so I am funnin’ ya. It’s our very own Acamm. 

dngnb8: What does your handle mean and the story behind it?
Acamm: This one is E-A-S-Y !!  It’s simply my name… A-imee Camm.  I wish that I had a more interesting explanation for how I came up with it, but nope. I suppose I’m B-O-R-I-N-G too.  LOL
dngnb8: Not boring at all. One’s handle should be expressive, and yours tells it like it is. 

dngnb8: When was your first trip to a Disney Park and what memory is the strongest?
Acamm:  My first trip was to Walt Disney World in 1983 when I was 9 years old.  We stayed off site, because I suppose we didn’t know any better back then! In 1983 there were only 2 parks: Magic Kingdom & EPCOT Center. Let me just tell you that the parks are SO DIFFERENT now! When we first visited, EPCOT CENTER had only been open for 1 year, so I can honestly say that I saw the park in its prime with all of the original attractions. I immediately fell in love with Figment and the Dreamfinder, and I still to this day wish that I had kept my original Figment plush! 

My strongest memory from this trip was that it was Christmas week and my Dad had shipped (good ole US Postal service) a big box of Christmas Gifts for our hotel room, along with a small table top Christmas tree! We had Christmas morning in our hotel, and I remember swimming in our outdoor heated pool on Christmas day which was crazy because it was freezing back home in Rhode Island! I also remember watching the Christmas parade on Main Street in the Magic Kingdom, which ultimately made me cry for the first time in a Disney park. Since that trip, I am known to cry at least once per day while at Disney…. just because its so MAGICAL!
dngnb8:  Classic Disney Memory. 

dngnb8: When was your last trip to a Disney Park and what memory is the strongest?
Acamm: My last trip to a Disney Park was last year during Thanksgiving week, November 2018.  We flew from the east coast to California to visit DisneyLAAAAAAAND for the very first time.  WOW>>> what an amazing trip! We were able to spend 5 days in Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure. 

My strongest memory was having Thanksgiving Dinner with my family (my sister & brother in law came up from Laguna Beach) at Goofy’s Kitchen… and we had the best time with the characters! Goofy, Mickey, Minnie and Pluto kept coming over to our table again and again and again to take selfies with us… we were the most popular (and fun!) table in the entire restaurant! We ate turkey and stuffing and all of the traditional fixings until we were going to pop! We also bought 2 bottles of wine… which may have contributed to our ‘fun table’ !  LOL
dngnb8:  DLR is my home resort.  I grew up in the area.  Disney and Holidays go fork in hand!  

dngnb8:   How did you find D-COT?
Acamm:  January 10, 2013 I Googled “Walt Disney World Theme Park Music”, and found D-COT.  I only listened to the Jukebox for several years… until 3 years ago I decided to jump in and join the fun! I immediately was welcomed to this amazing Disney community, and love chatting with my ‘pals’ about Disney parks and music and vacations!
dngnb8:  We seem to have a few lurkers here, but the community vibe is gonna getchya!!!! 

dngnb8:  You write about ”….”. What about that topic intrigues/motivates you?
Acamm:  I write about D-COT weekly quizzes… and other D-COT social media posts.  I love everything about Disney, and I know that most of the D-COT members also like to talk incessantly about Disney movies and theme parks and resorts… which also means that we like to challenge ourselves to see how much we know!
dngnb8: I failed your last challenge. Ironically, it was the one I liked best. I learned that I have so much more to learn.  

Well, there ya have it people. Acamm’s next quiz will be on the contents of this piece.  WHAT!!!!!  Just kidding. I hope we answered some of those quizz-ative questions you may have had. Stay tuned, more to come! 

dngnb8 is one of our contributors to D-COT and helps provide some very interesting historical info as well as the latest official Disney news.


  1. Still as pretty as ever! Thanks for the quizzes…they are humbling. :)

  2. Wonderful article! I am so glad that Aimee decided to become more active on the site, she is such a fun person and I am proud to call her my friend and D-Cot sister! :heart:

    • Awwww thank you Scott! You’re always so dang sweet :minnie:

  3. hi aimee! so cool you got to see the original epcot!! :epcot:

    • Yes, it really was the best time ever at WDW! EPCOT Center was so fantastic and shiny! :cool:

  4. Aimee? You sure her name isn’t Stacy? Sure looks like Stacy from Must Do Disney. Or, it could be Stacy looks like Aimee. :surprised:

    • I WISH I was Stacy from Must Do Disney! That would be an awesome job!!! ;)

  5. I miss you in Mouse Chat Aimee! :minnie: but I love the quizzes, even when I suck at them LOL

    • so funny…i don’t do very well at them either! and to think i consider myself to actually KNOW stuff!

      • It’s always the number stuff for me, I have no idea! Unless it’s something easy like how many people fit in a Space Mountain rocket LOL

    • LOL I’ll come visit in the chat soon!!!! The numbers are always the trickiest part of the quiz. :pluto:

  6. Glad to get to know her better!!!! Can’t wait to meet her in person someday, she sure does seem fun!!!!

  7. I love @acamm ! :heart: Had so much fun with her at Disneyland!

    • @bexruns we had so so so so soooooooooooooo much fun with you in DL too!!! Im telling you… when you come to the east coast, I’ll be your personal tour guide at WDW!!!!!! :D

  8. Yay, I love learning about everyone in our silly fun D-cot family!!

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