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D-COT Rewind 2019

D-COT 2019 Rewind

Let's take a look back on what happened on D-COT in 2019. »

D-COT 12th Anniversary

D-COT’s 12th Anniversary

Today we celebrate D-COT's 12th anniversary! »


Member Spotlight – Mod – eeyorepoohfan

Well, there has been some time between submissions. I am picking up the pen, er… keyboard as it were, and reporting on the next in my series on Moderators;  eeyorepoohfan. dngnb8: What is your Disney Dream Job and why? eeyorepoohfan: My dream Disney job would be a Jungle Cruise Skipper because I think I’m absolutely hilarious, full of one liners and sarcasm is my primary language! But I real... »

Minnie's Wonderful Christmastime Fireworks

NEW! Minnie’s Wonderful Christmastime Fireworks in the Jukebox

Get in the Christmas spirit as your host—Minnie Mouse—invites you to take in a sparkling, yuletide fireworks. display. Listen to it in the jukebox under the "Christmas" playlist. »

Member Spotlight – Mod – starbee

Member Spotlight – Mod – starbee

Next in our series of Moderators is starbee. »

Bagheera Update

Bagheera Update

We recently switched servers. It was running OK for a couple days… and then it started again. The slow loads, the white screen of death, the 504 Bad Gateways and just a plethora of issues. Today, I had enough of it. 😡 I should have went with my gut instinct from the beginning and go with a managed server tailored to the software I use to make this site available to all you awesome Disney fan... »

Hello, Bagheera

Hello, Bagheera

Welcome our new server, Bagheera. »

New Server Migration

This Saturday, October 12th, we will start migrating the site to the new server. Because of this, D-COT will be temporarily unavailable until possibly Sunday, October 13th. More information can be found in this post. »

Member Spotlight – Mod – Nascfan

The Contributor interviews seemed to be enjoyed quite well. Steve suggested we put the mods through the same 3rd degree.  I had to amend one question, but here we begin the Moderators of D-COT spotlight. Who better to kick off this series with the number one points/level member, Nascfan! dngnb8: What does your handle mean and the story behind it?Nascfan:  I was a big Nasca... »

Creator Spotlight – Steve

Creator Spotlight – Steve

This is the Final Frontier. I have saved the best for last, and it is our Patron, steve. Frankly, I could have submitted many more questions, but I wanted to be fair and not totally expose him. »

New Server Incoming

The research has been done and I am confident I found a new web host that will do the trick. »

Member Spotlight: Contributing Contributors – RocketEAR99

Member Spotlight: Contributing Contributors – RocketEAR99

RocketEAR99 burning out his fuse on Disney Music. »