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This is the Final Frontier. I have saved the best for last, and it is our patron, steve. Frankly, I could have submitted many more questions, but I wanted to be fair and not totally expose him. ????

Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge

dngnb8: When was your first trip to a Disney Park and what memory is the strongest?
steve: 1986. I was 5 and don’t remember too much from that trip, unfortunately. However, this trip sparked my enthusiasm for wanting to go back year-after-year!
dngnb8: Why fight it, this is what happens to most everyone!

dngnb8: What is your Disney Dream Job and why?
steve: I would love to work in their IT department and see how they handle such a massive scale of traffic. If I had to pick one specific job inside the IT department it would be the Disney Parks Blog. I can maintain it and be a contributing author!
dngnb8: TRAITOR!!! Just kidding. Working for the Ears would be great.

dngnb8: How did you find D-COT?
steve:  Like the Phoenicians and the alphabet, I invented it. ???? I can go a little more into it. In 2007 I launched D-COT with the intent of it being a Disney fan site (not jukebox yet). It would provide information on the parks, etc. I used to tune-in to Subsonic Radio and enjoyed being able to listen to park music when I could not go. After a while the queue to listen to the music I wanted to hear became hours long and so I had the idea of creating an on-demand jukebox where I could listen to whatever I want, whenever I want. In 2008 I started working on the jukebox.
dngnb8: Sounds like how Walt felt on Daddy’s day with the girls and parks.

dngnb8: If you could ask one question of a D-COTr, who would you ask and what is the question?
steve: Without hesitation… Nascfan. He is the kindest human I know and an amazing moderator for D-COT. My question would be “How many points do you think you’ll get in 2020?” ????
dngnb8: It is amazing how he has more points than the site creators!

dngnb8:  You get to interview Walt Disney, but only are allowed 3 questions, what are they?
steve:  I would be so nervous and excited!
1. At what moment in your life did you know you had to make a Disney Park?
2. What motivated you to keep going after the Oswald contract dispute?
3. What is your day-to-day schedule like? Please walk us through a “Day in the Life”.
dngnb8: I really like question #3. We all see the TV Walt, but just being a tag-along for a day would have been incredible. 

Well, there ya have it, our Contributors (and Patron). I hope you all have enjoyed learning about them as I have. And I am sure that everyone on this board feels as I do and appreciate beyond words what you and Chelle have given us.  Allowing us to share in your joy of Disney and creating this community is beyond any words I can share. Thank you so much for all you two have given us.

dngnb8 is one of our contributors to D-COT and helps provide some very interesting historical info as well as the latest official Disney news.


  1. Awww…thanks for sharing @steve! I can honestly say your site is my sanity…I was so put out by Facebook and how it brought out the bad in everyone. Your site was the opposite…warm and friendly and everyone is amazing. Thanks for building this little world for us.

    • I have to agree JD. Ive been to many sites, and there always seemed to be a core set of regulars and a pettiness about newcomers. This is the only site that embraces all and I believe that has everything to do with Steve and Chelle as our hosts.

    • I’m so glad you found a home for Disney friends that’s toxic-free. :heart:

    • AMEN!!!! :clap:

  2. Really cool insight. It has already been said, but can’t be said enough. Extremely grateful to Steve and Chelle for the tireless work on D-Cot and the fun and joy it provides!

  3. I see how it is, the mods get no love! :(
    Just kidding! This was an awesome article! I love Steve’s questions for Walt, especially 3! :ears: we appreciate you SO MUCH Steve!!! Thanks a million for all the hard work you put in to D-Cot :heart:

  4. To answer your question, 300,000! LOL Seriously though, I expect somewhere in the 130’s, probably mid, somewhere between 134,000 and 136,000. Keep that in mind and we’ll see how close I am at the end of the year. Geez, I need a hobby! ;)
    Thank you for this corner of the internet Steve, best little site anywhere! You’ve created a wonderful community that has become family to so many of us, myself included. And thank you for your kind words! Love you and your family so much!

    • Hey there, buddy boy! Thank you for being such an active member of this little corner of the internet. It should be interesting when the abyss limit changes. ;)

    • I FOUND IT!!!!!!! LOL It’s scary how accurate the point count is LOL

  5. As you’ve been told many times I’m sure – D-Cot is a spot for Disney fans to get alot of much needed magic between visits!
    Thank you so much for all you do! :minnie: :heart:

  6. Steve, thank you so much for the site :heart: I love that no matter what kind of day I’m having I know I can come here and my day is instantly brightened :)

  7. Oh thank you Steve!!!! great little insights :) :heart:

  8. great interview, and once again thanks Steve for creating this site. and thanks to all the members too. I think Disney fans are among the kindest in Disney online communities, but there can be really unpleasant moments, whether it’s the Distwitter drama or on other fan sites. but not here, and I think it starts with Steve and Chelle and their kindness, and extends to everyone else. I’m here for the music of course, but I really appreciate all of you and how there’s just not any of the negativity and BS here as opposed to other sites. I haven’t been on as much lately but I enjoy my time when I can get on.

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