The Tomorrowland Updates

Tomorrowland is the land that has seen the most amount of changes compared to other lands. The vision of the future is always changing. One year we dream of jetpacks and space travel, the next we dream of sending Teslas into space and personal assistants in our phones. So it should be no surprise that more updates are coming to Tomorrowland.

Purple Wall

If you’ve been paying attention to Disney news, the Purple Wall is a big thing in Tomorrowland. Recently, a portion of it was re-painted. But this isn’t the only new paint job in Tomorrowland. The exit to Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor also got a new paint job. Supposedly this paint job is going to extend further into the future as more updates come.

At the D23 Expo 2017, we received news of the TRON Lightcycle Coaster coming to Magic Kingdom. Right next door is the Tomorrowland Speedway. The Speedway is rumored to get a shortened track in order to make room for this new thrill ride. Not only that, but it’s also rumored to replace the futuristic gas cars with electric cars themed to the Lightrunners also from TRON.

Stitch's Great Escape

And everyone’s favorite attraction, Stitch’s Great Escape, is also rumored to get replaced. Supposedly, Dan Cockerell, the former Vice President of Magic Kingdom, has stated that the Main Street Theater announced at D23 is dead. The funds are now in use for a replacement for Stitch’s Great Escape.

Carousel of Progress

Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress is possibly getting an update for the 50th Anniversary, but don’t panic! The rumors state it will only be the last scene, a view of the future. Also in the works is a new voice for John! The popular names floating around are Gene Hackman and Morgan Freeman. Supposedly Mr. Hackman has turned it down, but Morgan Freeman has declined. We’ll see what really happens to all the progress.


And finally, the Tomorrowland Transit Authority will get an upgrade featuring new scenes along the track as well as a stop by the TRON Lightcycle. Not much else is known about this attraction’s future, but things are looking bright.

2021 may be the end of our current future with all these updates happening. Things are sure looking to be incredible! And remember, there’s a great, big, beautiful tomorrow, and don’t shoot the messenger.

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  1. I wondered about the CoP when I watched it last month. A refresh of that last scene is certainly due, but I’ve appreciated seeing a few small details they’ve tried to update over the years, such as the post-its on the corkboard by the desk. Also excited to see what they add to the TTA/Peoplemover. :)

  2. You bet i’m in it for Tron Coaster, also Wreck it Ralph is still intact to replace Stitches Great Escape but overall the future is bright for Tomorrowland. :star:

  3. As much as I wish to approach this update with excitement, I really look to the changes with reserve.

    Despite all of the change in Tomorrowland over the years, it is the land most painfully in need of update and re-imagineering. I think there are many that would agree that WDW updates over the past decade have been a dead heat of hits and misses, and some (if not many) things have lost much of the magic. That being said… The Speedway needs something, anything to give it a shot in the arm. I think electric -powered cars and a body redesign would do the job perfectly.

    I am all for the Tron coaster. It will quench the corporate thirst for thrill rides, the theming will fit nicely (I’ve always admired the use of light in Tomorrowland), and it is an actual Disney franchise. I also look forward to the extension/redirect of the TTA to pass through the coaster. While on the topic of the Peoplemover, I hope that the Tron ‘additions’ are just that, additions. The ride already suffers from too much dead-space. Hopefully, the Tron elements will fill that gap. I would be crushed if the existing elements such as the model of Walt’s EPCOT, or the hairdresser are lost. Another change I would embrace is a new narration, as the current is dreadful.

    Just about all of us can agree Stitch is a dead attraction. A haphazard redesign of a dead-end attraction to begin with. I would be perfectly happy with the space being re-imagineered as a meet & greet similar to Epcot’s.

    COP is due for an update, and I am happy that it is planned for an update and not a tear-down. Finally, restoration instead of removal.

    Overall, I am happy that Tomorrowland is getting an update. I hope it is not a total overhaul. Movies like The Incredibles, and Meet the Robinsons, are proof that the future can be imagineered while maintaining a hat-tip to classic sci-fi. That is an element I have always loved with Tomorrowland, and I hope it is one that my family and I can continue to enjoy for years to come.

    • I do think you are right, many things have simply lost the magic over time. But for first timers, it’s a world of endless magic. Sure the Speedway is exciting right now, but as a kid, it was amazing to have the power to drive a car. A re-design would be amazing for sure though.

      I don’t think TRON will change up much of the TTA and I too would be crushed if Progress City left. However, when the rumors point to new scenes, it’s possible that the hairdressers and spaceports are getting replaced. We have no clue yet.

      Stitch’s Great Escape is currently being utilized as Stitch’s Alien Encounter Character Greeting, a Stitch meet-and-greet in the main lobby of the building. Much of it is currently empty space and could use an upgrade.

  4. It is WAY beyond time to update the Speedway cars into electric. Will reduce noise and pollution plus it is more thematically correct in being “tomorrow.” I’m excited about all of these updates! It thrills me that they are updating Peoplemover and CoP instead of replacing them.

  5. I am so excited to hear of the changes – most of all to see that two of my favorite attractions are getting updates! I always get nervous when CoP is brought up – I have heard too many rumors of it being done away with and that would be such a shame – it is a must do for every vacation as well as the TTA / Peoplemover… :) We will wait in line for both of these over a lot of other attractions. I know it is nostalgic for us but isn’t that part of the best of WDW? :cool:

    • You like to wait in line for those two classics? They hardly ever have a wait! LOL

  6. Gene Hackman sounds like a PERFECT voice! :( Morgan Freeman might provide a little too much gravitas, honestly.

  7. Like others have said, an update to the final scene of CoP is miles better than scrapping it! But do we really need to change John’s voice? Why isn’t Disney familiar with the phrase “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.

    I really hope the Speedway is replaced with electric cars, that would really breathe new life into that attraction and move it into the future, an easy way to save that attraction.

    I think Stitch’s Great Escape should be replaced with Alien Encounter ;) :stitch:

    • Disney has the tendency to “plus” things, even when an attraction doesn’t need it. Their definition of plussing an attraction is changing it up a bit, which could be better or for worse.

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