The Whispering… Err, Quiet Canyon

Whispering Canyon Cafe

The Whispering Canyon Cafe is considered a hidden gem to many. The restaurant, located in the lobby of Wilderness Lodge, is known for its good food and, ironically, loud Cast member situations. For example, if you ask for some ketchup, they bring you all the ketchup bottles in the restaurant! Personally, it’s my favorite Resort restaurant due to the unique nature, much like 50’s Prime Time Cafe in Hollywood Studios.

However, this restaurant may soon lose the irony behind its name. A few folks have Tweeted at Disney in the past days. Disney has responded with a copy and paste reply, that goes like this: “Hi ____. We are continually updating our offerings throughout Walt Disney World Resort and are currently working on what’s next for Whispering Canyon. We apologize for any disappointments.” Disappointing it is indeed.

However, over on the Walt Disney World website, the description for Whispering Canyon remains the same, citing “wise-cracking staff” and even a nod to the ketchup scenario it’s famous for.

So, what do you think? The end of humiliating and fun scenarios and the consumption of BBQ in peace? Or is nothing happening? Don’t shoot the messenger, partner.

UPDATE: Disney has responded to another Tweet, this time clarifying that Cast Members will simply be lowering their voices courtesy to guests staying in the nearby rooms. This could be considered good news, mainly because we will still get the regular antics, just quieted down a tad.

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  1. So, are they considering changing the restaurant and moving away from the ketchup and straws and songs and horse races in the restaurant? Wow, that would be a shame if they got rid of all that! I’ve only eaten there 1x, but we really enjoyed the Skillet food AND loved all of the antics!!!

    • Yes, the change would take away all the fun stuff and turn it into a peaceful, calm restaurant.

  2. Ugh, I’ll be so sad if they take all the fun antics away! They already have the little coaster you can put on the table to indicate if you want to participate or not, so why do they have to take all of it away completely? This is one of my favorite WDW restaurants because of the antics. The food is good, but the fun is what makes it special. :(

  3. Well, it will be interesting to see if there are changes. We have an ADR this August and chose this location because of it’s fun & antics. My family has been once before, but the family traveling with us hasn’t and they thought their kids would enjoy this. I can report back after our trip. :turkey:

  4. I understand not everyone wants a super loud and interactive restaurant experience….but you can go to other places if that’s not your thing. Don’t change the entire restaurant at one place because of a couple of complaints. :angry:

    • It’s not like next door you have Territory Lounge and Artist Point…. oh wait

  5. We loved the antics. We wouldn’t go if it were just a normal restaurant. We can do that at home and get just as good if not better, food. We liked it for the experience.

    • You could actually get the exact same food over numerous restaurants on Disney property, so it would become just like other Disney restaurants. :(

  6. Just a word to the wise, rooms whose doors face the cafe are loud. The Cafe is fun, but trying to sleep in during breakfast isnt

    • You do have a very fair point there, probably a contributing factor

  7. Awesome! I’m glad this experience isn’t being taken away. I understand that people with nearby rooms may not want the loud noise, but I feel like if it bothers you, you can ask to be roomed elsewhere and Disney will accommodate. I’m glad they found a compromise and I hope it helps keep all guests happy :)

  8. Weeellllll…. I can understand the need for change. My son cannot handle loud, sudden noises; like sudden clapping, screaming, sudden loud laughter. Sometimes people with sensory issues have problems with restaurants like this.

    We have avoided this restaurant like the plague. If would be nice to someday give it a try if Max’s sensory issues lessen. Granted, I don’t think I’d like sudden loud clapping or screaming. But I also have hearing loss and that affects how I hear loud noises.

    So anyway, not that I think the world should cater to those with disabilities and never have any fun, I do appreciate the steps taken to help bring in those that may have avoided the place for those reasons. =)

  9. But isn’t it the way of the world today? Ruin things for everyone to accommodate the one? We’ve become so completely backwards. It’s communism in the name of kindness. Very sneaky that one. We’re being convinced that we are doing the “right thing”…worse yet, we’re buying it.

  10. @sarahjoe37 My niece is the same way with the noises, but noise cancelling headphones work well and I think a better alternative might be maybe doing a Toned Down Tuesday or such instead of changing the entire experience all the time. For me, it’s one restaurant out of how many? I mean is it really inclusive if it’s not the same? I’ve eaten there several times and I’ve never found it to be any louder than any other restaurant on property. That’s one thing about WDW restaurants in general, they are really loud. I’d much rather them try to lessen the noise in the nicer, upscale places than mess with the one that’s meant to be a little rowdy.

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