Rumor Updates (October 2019): Kenobi, Brazil, and more

Rumor Updates (October 2019): Kenobi, Brazil, and more

Ewan McGregor talks Kenobi, the Brazil pavilion takes a turn, Primeval Whirl lets guests on, and other minor attraction updates. »

Rumor Updates (May 2019 Edition)

Supposed details for the Play Pavilion. Boba Fett in the works for Disney+. Tomorrowland is updated some more. Runaway Railway coming to Disneyland. Zootopia Land construction begins. Happy Hallowishes defeated. »

The Future of Wonders of LIfe

An Update to the Rumor Articles

With rumors constantly changing and a teenager being surprisingly busy, it seems to just be easier to simply update them all in one place. »

A Vista into a World of Wondrous Ideas

The future was Tomorrowland. When I think back throughout the history of this land, it seems to me, it is the most active. Not just in the type of attractions, but in the coming and goings of those attractions. If I had to guess which land had the highest turnover of attractions, It would be Tomorrowland. In fact, it wasn't even completed by opening day. The TV Special was filmed very careful... »

Purple Wall

The Tomorrowland Updates

Changes coming revolving around Tron and the 50th Anniversary. New paint job. Speedway shortening and new cars. New attraction replacing Stitch. New scene and narrator in Carousel of Progress. Peoplemover updates. »

New Report