The Future of the Wonders of Life


UPDATE: Disney has announced the Junior Chef Kitchen presented by Krusteaz for the International Food and Wine Festival. This activity will take place in the Festival Center, also known as the Wonders of Life pavilion, on Sundays.

The fan favorite Wonders of Life pavilion in Epcot may be on the rise again. The pavilion, which closed back in 2007, has been used in the past years during the International Food and Wine Festival and the International Flower and Garden Festival as the Festival Center. This year, however, it was not utilized.

Some folks have spotted maintenance crews walking among the domed roof of the pavilion as they cleaned it from all the dirt it has accumulated. The interior pavilion has been deteriorating and showing some age as well, and with this roof refurb, people appear to be speculating. One source reported that an internal Imagineer position has appeared. The job described was meant to pull in a head for a potential attraction, restaurant, or shop. If this is true, we could have something to look forward to.

There have also been rumors of a potential tie-in with an intellectual property to revive the pavilion. One suggestion is Pixar’s Inside Out, a film about the feelings that run the brain, very similar to one of the former attractions in the pavilion, Cranium Command. Also being thrown out there is a re-negotiating of the Marvel contract. Some sources are indicating a Doctor Strange tie-in since Dr. Steven Strange is a doctor, other sources claim that Wakanda from Black Panther would be perfect to fit in the dome. And of course, there are some hopefuls that claim Body Wars and Cranium Command are returning in an updated form.

So, what do you believe is happening? Is this just refurbishment for a potential re-opening as the Festival Center, or is it something larger? Either way, don’t shoot the messenger.

SEJ101 is one of our contributors to D-COT and finds all the juicy gossip going on at Disney.


  1. I’m just excited that they may be planning to use the space for something year-round! And @sej101 don’t worry. If I shoot the messenger it will only be with a nerf dart ;)

    • Just don’t hit the eyes, Nerf darts hurt when fired in that direction ;)

  2. They could totally have done an Inside Out overlay to Cranium Command if it were still there!

  3. I would love to see this space utilized with the coming changes that are happening at Epcot. Such a cool space and I hope they put something awesome in there!

  4. Body Wars made me motion sick…. but I’d still love to see it come back !!! Thanks for the news @sej101 !!!

  5. Indeed — hopeful news and quality writing! I want to bicycle through WDW again!

  6. Was not much of a fan of Body Wars since it made me nauseous but with updated technology the story could still be fun :) but I do love Dr Strange so I’d support that too ;)

  7. Oh, Cranium Command was one of my favorites! Let’s bring that back (with an Inside Out overlay would be fine!). ;)

  8. The Festival Center was really wasted space and I don’t think would be missed by many. All of those items could be sold elsewhere and they could host the seminars inside the Innoventions spaces that are mostly empty. I would love to see a new attraction(s) go in! The more attractions there are, the more lines to spread people out in making them all just a bit shorter!

    • But you do have to admit that walking through what was once a thriving pavilion, now decrepit, is quite surreal. Innoventions could use a face lift though.

  9. Cranium Command could be upgraded to Riley’s Brain with the animatronic characters of Inside Out, Body Wars was my all time favorite attraction since they opened the pavilion maybe to other parts of the body beside the heart & lungs. :wol:

  10. I still wonder if this is the location of the space themed restaurant announced to be next to Mission Space. The dome perfectly matches the concept art. Guess we’ll find out soon enough!

    • We have received confirmation from Disney now on the location of the Space restaurant. It will be located between Mission: SPACE and Test Track

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