[NEW MUSIC] Magic Kingdom’s Tomorrowland Area Loops from the 70s and 80s

The older version of the entrance to Tomorrowland

Did you know there are five versions of Magic Kingdom’s Tomorrowland area loops? 1972 – 1983, 1983 – 1989, 1989 – 2003, 2003 – 2015, 2016+. Crazy! You don’t normally see that many changes to an area loop. We now have all sets of these in the jukebox. Enjoy!

  • Magic Kingdom – Tomorrowland – Area Music (1983 – 1989)
  • Magic Kingdom – Tomorrowland – Area Music (1972 – 1983)
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  1. and I love them all! thanks for the retro music!!!

  2. and also, I miss that entrance sign very much!

  3. Thanks again Steve, I just love Tomorrowland. I wasn’t in those days but I’m looking forward to listening the old time loops while sitting back with a cup of coffee every Wednesday. :coffee:

  4. OMG I am so excited! Thank you! I love these loops

  5. And honestly, I live in Tx, I could use all the joy I can get right now lol :snow: :snow: :snow: :snow: :snow: :snow: :snow: :snow: LOL

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