Rumor Updates (October 2019): Kenobi, Brazil, and more

Ewan McGregor talks Kenobi, the Brazil pavilion takes a turn, Primeval Whirl lets guests on, and other minor attraction updates.

The landscape of rumors is forever shifting. In this monthly series, we’ll take a look at all the new updates to the articles pertaining around rumors. There are plenty of tricks and treats for this October!

A Long Time Ago, in an Expansive Stand-Alone Galaxy Far Away

A Long Time Ago, in an Expansive Stand-Alone Galaxy Far Away

Ewan McGregor, the actor for Obi-Wan Kenobi in the Star Wars prequels and the new upcoming Disney+ series, shed more light on the details and background behind the series. In his own words from an interview with Men’s Journal, “It’s a f***ing massive relief because for four years, I’ve been having to lie to people about it.” As rumored, Kenobi’s story was planned to be a movie. But after the unsuccessful run of Solo: A Star Wars Story, Lucasfilm opted out of that route. McGregor believes a show would be better anyway so there could be a larger character arc. Speaking of which, details were also revealed. The series will take place a few years after Episode III: Revenge of the Sith during the fall of the Jedi order. McGregor also stated that he feels suited for the role since he believes he’s aging to the point that he could portray Obi-Wan like Alec Guinness did in Episode IV: A New Hope.

The Tomorrowland Updates

The Tomorrowland Updates

Mickey’s Star Traders is currently undergoing refurbishment bit by bit. Parts of the store are closed while other parts are open. As part of this refurb, the signs outside have been removed. This probably means Star Traders is getting a new sign to match the new interior.

Rivers of Light's Chocolate Curtain

Rivers of Light’s Chocolate Curtain

Despite Rivers of Light being reshaped into Rivers of Light: We Are One last summer, there are rumors that the show will be reshaped again. Rivers of Light: We Are One did open to worse reviews than the original show did, namely for its heavy use of IP, so it would not be surprising to see another change.

World Showcase Expansions

World Showcase Expansions

A new rumor around Brazil has sprouted and it’s quite jarring. The pavilion may have just been cut entirely due to disagreements on how the pavilion should be organized. It’s unknown if this means it’s layout, attractions and restaurants, or it’s overall design, but if this is true, this is a huge shift from the past few months. The Brazil pavilion was practically confirmed by everyone except Disney, even trees were cleared in World Showcase and hiring had begun.

Grand and Miraculous Changes to Spaceship Earth

Grand and Miraculous Changes to Spaceship Earth

When the upcoming changes were discussed for the attraction at the D23 Expo, once piece of concept art shared involved a boat and a manta ray gliding through the sky. Many were quick to point out the similarities to this and Moana, leading to speculation and fear that Spaceship Earth would now include IPs. However, it is believed that this ride will remain IP-less.

The Rumors of Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge: The Fate of Star Tours

The Rumors of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge: The Fate of Star Tours

Star Tours will be getting a new scene to coincide with the release of Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker. Guests will soon be able to visit Kef Bir, an ocean moon. It’s rumored that another Batuu scene will be added somewhere as well, most likely as an add-on to Kef Bir similar to the Crait addition two years ago. Despite this, there are still talks that Star Tours will be on the chopping block with a replacement estimated for 2023-2024.

It's the End of Dinoland as We Know It

It’s the End of Dinoland as We Know It

At the beginning of the month, Primeval Whirl opened for a couple days, allowing guests to enjoy this for a very brief period. The ride would shut back down for the rest of the month and isn’t expected to re-open until mid-November for the Thanksgiving crowds.

Where's My Super Soup???

Where’s My Super Soup???

It seems the Incredibles are no longer being considered for the Contemporary. The Wave is still expected to receive updates at some point, but these updates are rumored to be IP-free.

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  1. wow that is a lot for October!! excited for Kenobi!!!! but still not sure what to think about the SE changes. I miss the last version. I will be sad if Dinoland disappears too :( I love Primeval Whirl! I hope they don’t make Star Tours disappear all together. I know its not within GE, but the trip for Star Tours is nice and fun to just ride along, as opposed to the Falcon where there are many buttons etc to control (still have to ride that though, so i am sure i will love it too) but on Star Tours you get to be a tourist!

    • Definitely a lot more! LOL I doubt Dinoland will disappear, but I would really like that Excavator roller coaster :smirk: Star Tours is still fun! I think I genuinely enjoy it more than the Falcon. It certainly feels more thrilling to me

      • I am afraid I will feel too pressured to perform in the Falcon that I will miss all the good “sights”

        • Try not to worry about it and just have fun with it. I find Pilot is the most pressuring since it heavily relies on that position, so if you can avoid that, that would be ideal pressure-wise. It’s a fun ride though!

  2. there is no way they are adding IP to spaceship earth… but then again, disney always surprises us :donald:
    i’m kind of amazed star tours is still up and running tbh. while i like the ride, they should replace it with something else. there’s no need for it now with galaxy’s edge and smugglers run (haven’t been on smugglers run yet, but i’m assuming they are pretty similar.)

    • They’re sorta similar. I often hear Smuggler’s Run described as Star Tours mixed with Mission Space. Star Tours is nice because it takes pressure off of performing, allows guests to “relax”

    • I personally think Star Tours is better than Smuggler’s Run and I hope they keep it. Just because it’s not in Galaxy’s Edge, doesn’t mean it should go. I don’t think it would fit with the theme of Batuu anyway. It’s supposed to be an outpost for smugglers, right? So why would there be commercial flights there? It’s better existing as a standalone.

  3. also dinoland is a pretty weird part of animal kingdom if you think about it, between the aesthetics and overall premise. don’t get me wrong, i love it, but i wouldn’t be against them revamping it for a different theme :cool: but i don’t understand the point to making primeval whirl seasonal :(

    • Dinoland is definitely wacky and it feels a lot weirder with all the Donald stuff there. As long as they keep Dinosaur, I’d be good (I know that’s your favorite LOL ). I don’t either, it makes little sense.

      • i don’t mind dinosaur being there as long as i don’t have to go on it LOL it helps spread out the fastpasses

  4. I thought Disney addressed the Star Tours rumor like they did with the Country Bears? I wonder if Primeval Whirl will actually open this time. It looked so sad when I was there in October :(

    • They didn’t. Primeval Whirl actually re-opened today, I’ll have to check when it shuts back down

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