What could go wrong, only a punchline…….

“Here is adventure. Here is romance. Here is mystery.”

The opening to the Adventureland dedication does not disappoint. The birthplace of Audio-Animatronics, The Jungle Cruise, Treehouses, Tiki Room, and, the Dominguez Tree?

Adventureland was placed in the spot where the Dominquez’s lived. They were the family who owned the acreage where Disneyland was built and the tree still exists. The family had a tradition of planting a tree at marriage. You can see that very tree today between the Jungle Cruise and Indiana Jones Adventure.

Credit Duchess of Disneyland

The Jungle Cruise is probably the most beloved attraction. Designed around the concept of the movie African Queen, Walt wanted boat ride through the rivers of exotic lands with live animals from those regions throughout the ride. The problem was making sure the animals were visible during park hours. There are those who believe this wish was the inspiration of the Animal Kingdom park. The Jungle Cruise is another ride in the series of rides to inspire a movie. The Jungle Cruise starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Practically Perfect in every way Emily Blunt, is due to be released on 2020. (Couldn’t resist my Poppin Tot reference)

Credit Disneyland Resort

This attraction may be the most sought after job in the DLR parks. The ride operators witty reparte’ is a must experience on each and every visit to the parks. It’s like hearing dad jokes the whole time. It is also the birthplace of Trader Sam, and much of the Tiki references throughout Adventureland today and the parks worldwide.

Walt’s fascination with the Tiki Culture inspired the Tiki Room. This attraction was planned as a restaurant first (only attraction with its own restrooms). The designers talked about having birds singing and talking to each other during the meal service. Walt spoke up and said, “You can’t have birds in there, they’ll poop in the food”. The imagineer explained that the birds would be mechanical and sing and talk with each other. Voila! The birth of probably the most famous of all Disney patents, Audio-Animatonics.. Walt changed the idea from a restaurant to an attraction, and today, there are over 150 singing birds, totems and flowers, all created by hand and synchronized to provide an entertainment venue like no other.

Credit Disneyland Resort

Adventureland, spawned from the True Life Adventure series, blossoming into some of the most iconic and unique rides, inventions and patents, providing a unique destination for sharing cultures from around the globe.

“Tropical rivers silently flowing into the unknown. The unbelievable splendor of exotic flowers….. the eerie sound of the jungle… with eyes that are always watching. This is Adventureland.” – Walt Disney July 17, 1955

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