In the Beginning……

We all have it. That one thing we relate to when we were a child. What was it for Walt? »

Disneyland Dumbo RIde

The Real, Not So Slim Shady?

DLR opened its new queue for Dumbo on April 30th, 2018. »

Trader Sams

In the Tiki, Tiki, Tiki, ……..

Have you ever noticed the Disney fascination with all that is Tiki? According to Wikipedia, Tiki was the first man created by Tane or Tumatuenga. To most of us it is the carved humanoid statues, or just the term we use to define the Pacific or Polynesian Cultures. »

Harriet Burns

The First Woman Imagineer

The answer might surprise you! March was Women's History month so please forgive my tardiness. Harriet Burns was Walt's first female Imagineer in 1955! In a male dominated field and time, Harriet Burns shined and Walt, with the Midas Touch of talent, was impressed by what Harriet brought to the table. »

DLR Grand Canyon Diorama

DLR Grand Canyon Diorama

One of my strongest memories of DLR as a child was the Grand Canyon Diorama. Riding a train was one thing, but going from present to past was mesmerizing. It was a must ride and typically, it was our last ride of the night because it dropped one off at the Main Street Train Station. »

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