Quiz: Walt Disney World: The Haunted Mansion

“When hinges creak in doorless chambers, and strange and frightening sounds echo through the halls. Whenever candlelights flicker where the air is deathly still — that is the time when ghosts are present, practicing their terror with ghoulish delight!.” – The Ghost Host (The Haunted Mansion)

The Haunted Mansion at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom is a fan favorite that provides so much joy for guests of all ages. With a spooky graveyard, ballroom dancing spirits, a séance with a floating crystal ball, and hitchhiking ghosts who ride in your vehicle, this classic attraction is sure to bring a smile to your face! Take this fun quiz and test your knowledge of Walt Disney World’s – The Haunted Mansion!

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  1. Great quiz! Love them Thank you! :up: :up: :up: :up: :minnie: :minnie:

  2. Um… there’s 5 singing busts, not four :tomb:

  3. Another awesome one — and one that I knew most of the answers to! :ob:

  4. Another super natural quiz. It’s considered to be called classics. :hatbox:

  5. Fun quiz! My very favorite attraction!

  6. Not bad for never having been on this version LOL

  7. Oh dear, my performance was awful! Rushing to answer i went wrong far too many times! It was all down hill after answering Fantasyland to where its located :( Not good enough Craig, not good enough

  8. I just love these. some times I think they really put my inflated Disney brain back into its place LOL 8 was not too bad this time!

  9. @acamm I didn’t know you did these!! I love them!! Thank you so much for doing it!! :minnie: :leota: :hatbox: :bride:

  10. I’m going to say I got 10/10 since there are 5 singing busts ;) :tomb:

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