Quiz: Walt Disney World – Extinct Attractions

Since its Grand Opening in 1971, Walt Disney World has seen many rides and attractions come and go. There have been several fan favorites that have been lost along the way to make way for new attractions, and others that have simply been tweaked a bit to make it more current. Disney Imagineers are always trying to improve WDW parks, which is what Walt Disney himself wanted. Take this fun quiz to test your knowledge of Walt Disney World Extinct Attractions!

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  1. Very cool and tricky! :up: I had it narrowed down to two answers on the two I missed and chose… poorly.
    I miss Mr. Toad…

    • Sorry buddy, you should have picked the OTHER answer ;) LOL You did terrific! :)

    • I miss Mr. Toad too! Even though that ride scared the pants off me as a child LOL

  2. I miss Captain EO…

  3. Loved this quiz!!!! :heart: :heart:

  4. Loved this quiz!!!! :heart:

  5. @acamm Magic Journeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyy! LOL

    • Baaaahahhaahaaa! I knew that you’d love that one! LOL I had to put it in there!! :P :cool:

  6. I only got 80%, I’m ashamed! Great quiz though! :)

  7. I miss Journey and Mr. Toad. LOL

    • Me too…. the original Journey Into Imagination with the Dreamfinder was the BEST!!! :minnie:

  8. Not too bad being my very first trip to WDW was as an adult in 2007 and we only went to MK and AK that trip. So I passed, even if barely.

  9. That was tough! But now I know more Disney history

    • Disney history is the BEST!!! I’m glad you liked it!! :minnie:


    • Nah…. you did awesome! The questions this week were toughies!!! :minnie:

  11. Really I only got 1 wrong because in haste to answer before my boss walked by, I thought I’d clicked the answer I was wanting to give, but I hadn’t. Womp womp. Don’t know why I thought Tarzan came before The Jungle Book.

    I really enjoyed reminiscing during this quiz! :)

    • The Jungle Book / Tarzan question was a trick for sure! To be honest, I only remember the Tarzan show, I don’t think I ever saw the Jungle Book one LOL

  12. Another great quiz! Thanks Aimee!

    • I’m glad you enjoyed it!!! You got a perfect score!!! Great job! :)

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