Quiz: How well do you know the classic Fantasyland at WDW?

Fantasyland at WDW

Fantasyland is one of the themed lands located at the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World. Recently, a massive expansion was completed, New Fantasyland, which doubled the size of Fantasyland. This week’s quiz will focus only on the original section of fantasyland, including Cinderella’s Castle. Take this fun quiz to test your knowledge of the WDW Fantasyland area!

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  1. Womp womp. I know my attractions and stores but so much the number of things LOL

  2. I had to really think about how many rows are in Small World and how many plates of cups are in the Tea Party…

  3. Ack! Always go with the gut reaction! LOL So close ;)

  4. Those were some tough questions! I guessed well lol. ;) LOL Thanks for making the quizzes! :heart:

  5. Good grief. I’m not a trivia person I guess.
    But how in the world does 24 people fit in the boat???
    Also I blame my three year old for hitting the wrong one… TWICE!

  6. LOL Sarah you crack me up!

  7. Thank you for another great quiz Aimee!

  8. Not so good, Fantasyland is usually the one I avoid because of the crowds.

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