Walt Disney World – How Well Do You Know Walt Disney’s The Carousel of Progress?

While at Walt Disney World, you can follow an Audio-Animatronic family through the last century, as they show how times have changed due to many modern inventions. Located in Magic Kingdom’s Tomorrowland, Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress is a classic fan favorite, and is one of the oldest attractions in Walt Disney World. Take this fun quiz to test your knowledge of Walt Disney’s The Carousel of Progress!

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  1. If you count the loading and unloading scenes, there are six.

  2. “Oh, you and your progress! That paint mixer of yours just sloshed paint across my rump—er, rumpus… room.” :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

  3. i missed the ride in June otherwise i think i would have gotten a perfect score. darn it…just a couple things i messed up!

  4. AUGH! 8/10 on my favorite attraction ever! I am ashamed!

  5. Bah BAM! Love Love Love this attraction! Great quiz, thanks Aimee!

  6. I am so ashamed of my score on this one :(

  7. I always mess up on the answers involving numbers! LOL

  8. I can’t believe I missed the dog’s name! Ugh. I just couldn’t think of it, and I didn’t want to Google it. Nah. But this was awesome!

  9. How FUN! Tricky questions, great ride! :figment:
    Does anyone else think Rover looks a lot like Sprocket from Fraggle Rock?

  10. The Carousel of Progress is my family’s favorite attraction.
    We go on it every vacation.

    P.S. The song instantly gets stuck in your head. :)

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