Quiz: Disney Princesses – Can You Ace This Royal Quiz?


With the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle spreading Royal Fever across the world this weekend, we thought that a Disney Princess quiz would be a great addition to all of the festivities! Take this quiz to test your knowledge, and see if you are indeed to be crowned “The Royal Quiz Champion”.

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  1. Ruled it!

  2. I want to be a Princess :stitch:

  3. Well, I didn’t do so well. But I don’t have to. I’m royalty, thus sayeth King Fergus.

  4. Ba-BAM! Too easy drill sergeant! ;)

  5. This was so awesome!!!

  6. I need to pay more attention on the names in Mulan and the pipe organ question got me :( but I loved the Shia La Bouffe answer LOL

  7. I totally guessed on the Brave question. Whew! :P

  8. I had no idea on the pipe organ question.. :P

  9. I got the last question wrong! Dang it! I almost had a perfect score. There were some challenging questions in there. It was another wonderful and well thought out quiz. I love that it was a ROYAL quiz right here after the ROYAL wedding. ;)

    • Yesssss… the Royal FEVER is SPREADING LOL

      • Yessss ma’am! I love it! My sister has always loved Princess Diana. We have been reading all the articles that have been on our newsfeeds, sending pins, and loving all things royal on instagram. We are even thinking about reading a book about either Meghan or Harry. Did you watch the wedding? I thought it was beautiful and it just made me happy!

  10. That darn apple! Not sure why I picked bread. Good quiz.

  11. That darn apple! Not sure why I picked the bread. Good quiz! Thank you :cool: :cool:

  12. Why can’t I do these more than once? Just let the first time count for scoring

  13. 100%! No Question About It! :cool:

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