Quiz: Disney Movie Cats – How Well Do You Know Them?

Disney Movie Cats

Disney movies are chock full of fluffy and furry cats – some hero’s, and some villains. Even if you’re not a ‘cat person’, its hard to resist the cuteness of Alice’s friend Dinah, Pooh’s bouncy friend Tigger, and even the evil Si and Am! How well do you think that you know the names of the Disney movie cats? Do you think that you can get a puuuurrrrrfect score?

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  1. Wow. I’m QUITE rusty on those!
    (And I just realized why the quiz is so interesting and difficult! Because DISNEY DIDN’T MAKE IT, ONE OF OUR OWN DID! :D :poca: ) :up: :wave: :clap:

  2. Purr-fect quiz, dahling :cheshire:

    • Whyyy thaaaank yoooouuuuuu! Kitty cartwheels for you! LOL :cheshire: :imagination: :cheshire: :imagination:

      • Well now I see the pun is already in the description, so now I feel less original LOL LOL LOL

        Gotta think of another pun now…

        • I have faith in you…. because you’re quite ‘punny’ LOL

          • ah ha ha because I haven’t heard that one before

  3. Darn it! I knew the lion king one but i clicked too fast! i blame no morning coffee. Also i screwed up the two aristocats boys…i knew i was going to pick wrong!

    • The Aristocats question was hard :) You did awesome!!!!

  4. Very cool! And super duper congratulations on becoming a Contributor! I can see I have a lot of catching up to do from the past week!

  5. @acamm this was SO cool!!! I love it!! Awesome job on your first quiz as a contributor!! :belle: :heart: :heart: :heart:

  6. This was fun! Completely guessed on which boy in the Aristocats it was, but lucked into the right answer. :)

  7. @Acamm did a super-tiggerific job :tigger: on her first quiz! Whoooooo! Go girl!!

  8. Perfect!

  9. That quiz was Meoowwvaleous!

  10. Wow, that was not good! LOL

  11. 100%! No Doubt About That! :cool:

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