Quiz: Pocahontas: How Well Do You Know The Movie?


It is no surprise around D-COT that Pocahontas is my all time favorite Disney movie.  :poca: While not 100% historically accurate, this movie encompasses the Native American spirit, and the exploration of The New World.  Filled with breathtaking scenery, adorable animal side-kicks, intense battles, and songs with powerful lyrics, the Disney movie Pocahontas has it all.  Take this quiz to test your knowledge, and see if you are ready to Paint With All The Colors Of The Wind.

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  1. But can you paint with the colors of the squid? :dopey:

  2. @sej101 only in black and white

  3. not bad…i’ve seen this one several times so i guess i’ll be happy with 80%

  4. Arrowed It!!! ;)

  5. One of our dogs is named Meeko, after the raccoon. :)

    • Ohhh that is the BEST name for a dog! :heart: :poca:

      • She is white with a black raccoon mask on her face so it fits her perfectly!

  6. Dang, I thought ’95 but then changed my answer to ’96 because I didn’t think it was released the same year as Toy Story! LOL

  7. @ferg That’s so cute! :heart: :up:

  8. Wingapo that was fun. :poca:

  9. 100% Wingapo. :land:

  10. The movie not being 100% accurate is an understatement lol. I just watched an episode of Adam Ruins Everything talking about this and it sounds like the only thing the movie has right is the names. LOL

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