Quiz: Test Your Tree Of Life Knowledge

Once upon a time, no vegetation would grow on Discovery Island. There were no trees, no shrubs, no flowers, nothing. It was a barren piece of land. Then, one day, a tiny ant planted a seed and made a wish. He asked for a tree to grow – a tree large enough to provide shelter for all the animals. Magically, the ant’s wish came true and a tree began to grow – and it kept growing until there was room beneath its limbs for all the animals from A (ants) to Z (zebras). And as the tree continued to reach for the heavens, the images of all the animals that took shelter beneath its shade appeared on its trunk, roots, and branches.”  Disney Legend

The centerpiece of Disney’s Animal Kingdom is a beautiful tree that celebrates all living creatures and the place that they share in the Circle of Life.  The masterpiece known as the Tree of Life, is home to hundreds of carved animals such as a lion, dolphin, flamingo, & tortoise, and has become a beautiful backdrop to countless family photos.  Take this fun quiz and test your knowledge of Disney’s Animal Kingdom – Tree of Life!

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  1. Love the Tree of Life so much! Such detail and interesting facts! And an awesome show inside (despite my family’s opinion)! :heart:

  2. I actually guessed on the number of animals and got it right!

  3. That oil rig is very impressive how they strong hold the branches with all those animals being carved.

  4. Ahh….I missed all the number ones!

  5. The Tree of Life is amazing. And like most things in Animal Kingdom requires you to stop running from FP to FP and to slow down and really observe to truly appreciate the details that were put into it.

    • I totally agree… Animal Kingdom is totally the park to RELAX in, and stop and smell the roses! :minnie:

  6. Numbers get me every time! :(

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