Quiz: How Well Do You Know Walt Disney’s Aladdin

“Aladdin! Hello, Aladdin, nice to have you on the show. Can we call you Al, or maybe just Din? Or how about Laddie?” – Genie

The movie Aladdin just got a reboot with a live action version this month, but the classic 1992 animated film will always hold a dear place in our hearts. Grab your monkey sidekick & hop aboard your magic carpet to take this fun quiz and test your knowledge of Walt Disney’s Aladdin!

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  1. 90% Apparently that makes me distinctly average! haha Great quiz :D

  2. CRAP on a cracker i got the golden camels wrong! i even sung it in my head!!

  3. DRAT! LOL

  4. I audibly laughed out loud when I read the answer choices for Jasmine’s feline friend. LOL

  5. Oh my gosh, second guessing myself on everything :(

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