QUIZ: How Well Do You Know WDW’s Magic Kingdom Snacks, Desserts & Meals?

Ice Cream!

In recent years food found at WDW’s Magic Kingdom has been kicked up a notch with some really innovative & creative snacks, desserts & meals. Sit back, get your taste buds ready, and take this fun quiz to see how well you know WDW’s Magic Kingdom Snacks, Desserts & Meals!

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  1. I figured if food was involved, I was going to do fairly well :P

  2. wow i would have thought i’d do better since it was about food…i guess i need to get on my game! ;)

  3. I just wish that Magic Kingdom should have a different variety of meals at each quick service meals than the same meal every day. P.S i like to see “New” items on the menu.

  4. I obviously need to broaden my foody horizons! I need to take time away from Starlight Cafe haha

  5. LOL anything with food I’m there LOL

  6. Casey’s Corner got me. I haven’t eaten there since I was a kid :hotdog:

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