Quiz: How well do you know Disney’s Adventureland at Magic Kingdom?

Adventureland is one of the amazing themed lands where adventure awaits around every corner in the Magic Kingdom. You can take an exciting boat ride past pirates battling on ships in the high seas, fly a magic carpet past spitting camels high over the marketplace in Agrabah, and even watch a beautiful tropical show with drumming tiki’s and singing birds! Take this fun quiz to test your knowledge of Adventureland!

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  1. ugh i stink. although i jumped the gun on the “citrus swirl” thinking only about the dole whip in my head!

  2. dang this one was hard! I love it! :D

  3. I love these quizzes!!! Keep them coming!! haha :minnie: :minnie:

  4. I knew I hit the wrong answer as soon as I clicked it, why do I doubt myself :P

    • Oh nooooooooooo!! Next time you must go with your first instinct! LOL

  5. That was a toughie! Good one!

  6. What a fun one! I particularly loved the Pirates and Tiki Room questions! :sparrow: :ob:

  7. Thank you @acamm once again for another awesome quiz! Keep up the good work.

  8. Another great and fun quiz! Thanks Aimee!

  9. You’re welcome :minnie:

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