QUIZ: How well do you know Discovery Island’s Nomad Lounge?

Nomad Lounge

Discovery Island’s Nomad Lounge located in the Walt Disney World’s Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park, is a favorite of many who like to enjoy a beverage in a nice relaxing environment. Take this fun quiz, and see how well you know Discovery Island’s Nomad Lounge!

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  1. I don’t. I’ve never been in it. LOL

  2. Absolutely love the lounge. :) Sitting on the deck and sipping on a tempting tigress or my personal favorite spice trader classic. While waiting for your FOP fastpass! :mint: :icetea:

  3. @Acamm What are the odds we would contribute about the same thing?! LOL

  4. Sadly I only got 90%…I failed on the question about whether the music was “GREAT” or not :smirk: I tease. I failed on the drinks question.

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