Quiz: How Much Do You Know About The Classic Attraction: It’s A Small World?

“The Happiest Cruise That Ever Sailed” has been the motto of the It’s A Small World attraction since its opening day. This classic Disney attraction allows us to board a boat and sail through different countries and lands, while listening to children sing of unity and friendship in several different languages. By the end of your adventure, you will be humming along and maybe even singing the catchy tune! Take this fun quiz to test your knowledge of It’s A Small World!

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  1. okay i need coffee cuz i had an epic fail on this one :down:

  2. :( Here: :coffee: It’s OK. :pooh:

  3. Doh! I knew the color of the hippo but chose another color, I need coffee too LOL And I totally sang the song to figure out the missing words.

  4. So terrible LOL How did I get the color of the hippo wrong? LOL

    • Because the Hippo in CA is Pink, the one in Florida is blue (and much more pleasant looking)

  5. I loved this quiz. As a child, my dad’s parents would take him to ride Small World the very last thing on the very last day before they left the park – just him and them. As one of nine kids, he totally treasured this one-on-one time with them. It then became the tradition between he and I as well when I was growing up. A few months ago, I got to ride this again with him (for the first time in 16 years). It was magical. :)

  6. This ride was more fun before I read Kingdom Keepers LOL

    It still is fun, but I don’t like getting to close

  7. Yessss! I knew I hated the ride for a reason.

  8. Wait a minute, how did @acamm get 6 out of 10? :minnie:

    • LOL Maybe her son took it. Yeah, she should never have less than 10/10!

    • Ethan takes then every week using my account!! That’s how I’m guaging the difficulty :D

  9. ROFL – this was a hard one – so much fun!

  10. Ugh…taking this quiz made me think of the song :note: …now it is stuck in my head. :donald:

  11. My daughter’s favorite ride and I only got 4 correct…. :surprised:

  12. Whelp! :(

  13. I’ve been going on this ride for 45 years, I thought I would have done better :surprised:

  14. It’s clearly been too long since I experienced this ride LOL the number questions always get me but I can’t believe I never knew the 5th language! :surprised:

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