The Rumors of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge: What we know (so far)

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is now open to Disneyland for visitors of all ages to visit. The land isn’t entirely complete, with Rise of the Resistance not being open, but the rest of the land is open. Several rumors popped up revolving around the land (of course), and a handful were brought to your attention by yours truly. This article will take a look at the articles and confirm what has come to fruition. As you will find out, there will have to be a follow up to this article. 

Article 1: Wireless Chargers

There’s no “quasistatic cavity resonance” devices in the land. Lightsabers aren’t charged by them and neither are droids. There are actually no droids roaming about, possibly due to the high capacity expected. This could all change when crowd numbers are lowered, Rise of the Resistance opens, or the land opens in Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Article 2: Pew Pew!

Unsurprisingly, there’s no random street fights. The Resistance fighters sneaks around the First Order section. The other focus of this article was all about Rise of the Resistance, which has not yet opened.

Article 3: The Fate of Star Tours

Guess what? It’s still open!!! There’s no plans to move it or build a tunnel to Batuu from it.

Article 4: FastPass+++

There’s no updates to the bulk of this story. The only real update would be that MaxPass has increased its cost by $5. It’s possible this could be related to a pay-per-use system for Galaxy’s Edge.

Walt Disney once said that Disneyland would never be complete, and this would also apply to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. We’ll see what happens along the way. In the meantime, don’t shoot the messenger and may the force be with you.

SEJ101 is one of our contributors to D-COT and finds all the juicy gossip going on at Disney.

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  1. I am fully expecting that Disney will offer FastPass for Galaxy’s Edge only at an additional cost. I’m just waiting for it to happen

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