Rumor Updates (November 2019): Star Traders refurb, Primeval Whirl returns, and more

Star Traders receives updates, Primeval Whirl reopens officially, and Epcot prepares for their new films.

The landscape of rumors is forever shifting. In this monthly series, we’ll take a look at all the new updates to the articles pertaining to rumors. Now that’s it’s December, we should probably look at the November updates. Be thankful there’s nothing too bad here.

Star Traders

The Tomorrowland Updates

Mickey’s Star Traders is still being refurbished. The shop has received a new sign and new name, simply being just Star Traders now (might be time to change the Peoplemover audio now). The bustling space mural that included Stitch and several spaceships above guests’ heads has been removed, now appearing white. Meanwhile towards the front of Tomorrowland, the sci-fi side bars are being removed from the Peoplemover track. The bars have already been replaced by Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor with a more open design.

Primeval Whirl

It’s the End of Dinoland as We Know It

Primeval Whirl reopened on November 23 to coincide with the usual Thanksgiving crowds. The ride will remain open until January 4, at which point it will return to seasonal downtime.


Experimental Projection Camera of Tomorrow

The Epcot guide maps now list Awesome Planet, Beauty and the Beast Sing-Along, and Canada Far and Wide in Circle-Vision 360 with the estimated openings for all three, that being January 2020. Impressions de France went down for a refurb in order to prepare for the upcoming show that will share the theater with it. Awesome Planet and Canada Far and Wide in Circle-Vision 360 now have signs up in the park with “Coming Soon” plastered over them. 

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  1. Thanks for the update! :up:

  2. I’ll never understand the arbitrary changes Disney makes with things like Mickey’s Star Traders. I’m sad I’ll be 3 days too late to ride Primeval Whirl :(

    • Disney tends to do things that don’t make sense :P That is a bummer! The January races are the biggest races of the year and they draw a huge crowd, you’d think it’d be open for that

      • They sure do! Right?! What’s one more week given the marathon weekend crowds? :angry:

  3. i’m honestly excited for batb sing along more than anything else :belle: LOL

    • I wasn’t at first but they’ve released more details and now I kinda wanna see it

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