Magic Behind the Music: Magic Kingdom – Frontierland – Pecos Bill’s Tall Tale Inn & Cafe

Pecos Bills

If you find yerself headin’ west in Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, you’re likely to pass by this unofficial D-COT icon where weary travelers tend to sit a spell after rusling up some southwestern grub! A snippet of the sounds of Pecos Bill’s Tall Tale Inn & Café has been a part of the D-COT Jukebox since April 11, 2016. Seasoned members of D-COT have known the archway entrance to the restaurant as the unofficial D-COT photo spot about since this website has been around these parts of the Internet. That said though, Pecos Bill’s itself has been a mainstay quick service restaurant in the Magic Kingdom since the park opened on October 1, 1971!

The restaurant is named for the American cowboy legend himself. Tall tales were told of Pecos Bill in the early 20th Century. The toughest cowboy in the west never really existed in truth, but people enjoyed stories of his romance with Slue-foot Sue and how he lassoed a tornado in the untamed west. Legend has it, Bill’s horse, Widow-maker, didn’t like Sue and bounced her on her bustle up to the moon. That can’t have been too long ago as Sue could be found hosting shows at the nearby Diamond Horseshoe as recent as the 1980s. Then again maybe some folks from Tomorrowland brought her back. As with many fun stories and fairy tales, Pecos Bill drew Walt Disney’s interest so an animated short was created to round out the 1948 Disney film, Melody Time. Walt didn’t stop there though. To introduce and tell the story, he hired some famous western film stars of the time: Roy Rogers, Bob Nolan, and Trigger the horse. Also on screen, listening to the tall tale, were Disney regulars: Bobby Driscoll (Song of the South, So Dear to My Heart, Peter Pan) and Luana Patten (Song of the South, So Dear to My Heart, Johnny Tremain, and briefly in Follow Me, Boys!).

Pecos Bill’s has quite a history behind it, and quite a menu inside featuring nachos, tacos, burgers, and – a Disney fan favorite – churros! Guests enjoy the southwestern food in a southwestern atmosphere while listening to some southwestern music.  Speaking of which, our D-COT track has a playcount of 1,385. Our D-COT Supporters have added it to 6 custom playlists and 13 members have it as a favorite. The track has a 4.6/5 average rating with 18 votes. The sounds may or may not be a favorite of yours, but next time you mosey into Frontierland, the restaurant is worth a look and a photo in front of the archway is a D-COT tradition!

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  1. Pecos Bill’s was a must every trip for me until the menu changed. I enjoy listening to the Jukebox track and reminiscing on the good ole days!

  2. We finally ate at Pecos Bill’s this trip and I loved it ! The taco trio was delish and we are going to eat here from now on !

    • So good! I’m really glad to have helped find a good place for you! We love it!

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