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    Acamm 179 XP

    Say Good Bye to The Great Movie Ride August 13, 2017 :down: :'(

    I’m not too trolled about this…. Disney Hollywood Studios needs a MOVIE ride.

    First Mickey-Themed Ride-Through Attraction, Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway, Coming to Disney’s Hollywood Studios

    Why can’t this be built somewhere else in the park, like in the Sounds Dangerous building??

    What do you think of The Great Movie Ride closing and this new Mickey Mouse ride taking it’s place?


    SEJ101 198 XP

    I love this idea, but not sure I like where it’s going. It sounds fun and unbelievable, but I sure will miss the opening day attraction known as The Great Movie Ride.

    They could’ve just replaced the dumbest attraction we have at DHS right, Launch Bay because that’s just a museum at this point. :stormtrooper: :vader: :stormtrooper: :chewie:


    xxzazzzxx 13 XP

    I’m heartbroken! I love this attraction so much! I do it several time on every trip! I love movies and this ride was perfect for that! Movies! An awesome way for kids to discover older movies… Well it worked for me! I had never heard of Alien before going on that ride ( Mind you I was 5 years old at the time, but still found it quite intriguing) after begging my parents for years to watch it, they caved and OMG I was hooked! Since that moment, I’m always looking forward this particular scene… I’m sad to see it go!

    :'( :heart:


    missingWDW 94 XP

    Oh man. My middle one is going to be devastated when I tell her. That was the one ride she requested FP for when we go late August. My oldest set up our itinery and booked the FP’s. I never even noticed she didn’t book great movie ride. It probably wasn’t even a choice!


    RocketEAR99 194 XP

    I know the whole personality of DHS is changing, complete with a new name someday last I checked. If GMR was going to be replaced, Mickey would be acceptable. :up: That said, thanks for the notice :down: I was looking forward to that on my trip in less than a month and now it won’t be there. It’s closing down the day we check in. Lastly, and this just from a “what were you thinking?” stand point: Half the park grounds are closed down as it is! :down: And now they’re closing down yet another attraction when nothing new is set to open until next summer. We barely need 2 hands to count the reasons for a trip to DHS as it is. :down: Welcome to Disney’s Hollywood Studios where our Igernomics have us charging you a full price ticket for half of a theme park! :angry: I’m sure the new name will be called “Disney’s Walls Theme Park”, because that’s pretty much what it is right now :p

    Sorry this one just left me a bit hot under the collar. Rant over.


    Acamm 179 XP

    @rocketear99 My husband and I were just talking about this yesterday too, that there is literally only 5 attractions there worth seeing.

    1. RockNRoller Coaster
    2. Tower of Terror
    3. Star Tours
    4. Muppet 4D
    5. Toy Story Midway Mania

    Secondary attractions are:
    1. Indiana Jones Stunt Show
    2. Beauty & the Beast Show
    3. Frozen Sing a Long

    They took away Backlot Tour, Cars Stunt Show, American Idol, Honey I Shrunk the Kids area, Streets of America, even the Muppet Fountain LOL … and now The Great Movie Ride. I know that Star Wars land and Toy Story land are going to be large areas, but the park is really suffering right now.


    kimmykay1122 29 XP

    @acamm – that is a much better idea for placement. That whole ABC commissary area is pretty bad. I think they could have updated some of the scenes but I loved GMR for its uniqueness and realistic recreation of movie scenes! I remember the first time I was on it being so confused by the whole tour guide/ride hijacking thing but I thought it was so clever!


    Acamm 179 XP

    @kimmykay1122 I totally agree with you 100% … when I first when to the Studios in high school, I really felt like it was a working movie lot and it was so awesome. I totally saw the vision of what they were trying to do with an entire theme park based on Movies, and The Great Movie Ride pulled it all together.


    I am saddened with the closure of the GMR. I am very thankful my children were able to experience it once (even if my son will not remember it). The ride was dated, and some of the movies were less-than relevant to the current audience, but that issue could have been fixed through a refurb and scene changes. The loss of another CM hosted ride is unfortunate, as with JC the right driver made a big difference.

    If we have to lose yet another iconic ride, I am glad that Mickey will be replacing it. I hope the attraction is well-imagineered, and I guess I will look forward to seeing it… even if my heart breaks for a favorite lost.


    Breesmommy5 47 XP

    I am sad too, we love the GMR !! I love old movies and we ride it every time we go ☹️


    Nascfan 199 XP

    I don’t want to derail this thread but they really need to shut down FP’s for this park until they’re done. They’re losing a tier 1 and the only two things that really need FP at all here anymore are RnRC and TSMM. And they’re both tier 1 so you’re essentially wasting two fastpasses. Let the wait times be what they are and just close down FP’s until all is completed. And then I hope they eliminate the tiers altogether. The tiers stink. :down:


    missingWDW 94 XP

    @nascfan I hate the tiers, too


    SEJ101 198 XP

    @nascfan @missingwdw you could say that the tiers create tears :'( LOL


    SEJ101 198 XP

    If you think about it, Mickey is already on this ride in the Fantasia scene right before Wizard of Oz. :mickey: :surprised:


    Two thoughts:

    We are all sad to lose GMR in our family – we love to laugh and sing along with songs that we know and both of my kids talk about wanting to see some of the old movies every time we ride it.

    Soapbox time – I hate the tiers – I would love to do like Universal (gasp! I said the dreaded word!) and pay extra for the front of the pass pass (can’t remember the name, getting old… LOL) That was the only thing I thought Universal did way better than Disney when we went there and I especially loved that if you splurged to stay in their deluxe accommodations it was complimentary. I would love to see Disney reward people who save up and spend the extra do-re-mi on their deluxe hotels get a few perks. :) Please don’t shoot me for the thought – :blush:

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