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    I Love Spaceballs!! :heart: LOL


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    The Flametree BBQ will be reimagined to Soylent Green and serve only vegan dishes.

    The Monorail.


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    The monorail will now have two sets of tracks and from here on be referred to as the birail.


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    Disney has purchased the rights to Mel Brooks’ works.

    Star Wars Land will now be called Spaceballs Land.
    Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln will be transformed into a new show called History of the World, Part 1.5.
    Lilly Von Schtupp will headline a reimagined Hoop-Dee-Do-Revue and Golden Horseshoe,
    and the Haunted Mansions will now feature Dr. Frankenstein, Igor, and the rest of your favorite characters from the acclaimed movie!
    England will partner with Canada to feature a new immersive Men In Tights show.
    And rumors are that The Producers will gain their own corner of Hollywood Studios!

    (@kcboston inspired me!)

    Will Mongo be involved in the show? I mean, he is only a pawn in the game of life after all.


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    The snack carts will need to serve beans and only 1 flavor of Ice cream.


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    I Love Spaceballs!! :heart: LOL

    My favorite scene!! :up:


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    Disney has plans to demolish the entirety of Epcot


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    The Millennium Falcon did not do the Kessel run in less than 12 parsecs! :chewie: :han:



    That Illuminations will be updated to include Mars


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    Magic Kingdom will now be called ‘Reality’ Kingdom. There will be no more imagination involved. :down:


    The Disney Channel will have a marathon. it’s a small world looped for 24 hours


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    The scene of the book burning at the Great Library of Alexandria will be cut from Spaceship Earth due to people complaining of offensive odors.


    Walt Disney World’s 5th park will be themed to Mickey Mouse’s favorite food, cheese


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    Rumors are confirmed from the left coast. With all the holabaloo from the cancelling of RunDisney to the halting of the SoCal AP DL’ers are going to have a much farther trip to make. Disney announced this morning that its biggest project in the company’s history is under way. DL will be moved to WDW! Now it’s not entierly certain on all the logistics but disney has said that it plans on utalizing under ground tunnels to move most of the stuff on its 2500 mile journey. Also Sleeping Beauty’s castle will not be disasembled to make the journey. They have enlisted the help of Kevin and his baloons and plan on the first coast to coast floatation of a castle! Keep your eye’s open for a flying castle!
    And we thought it was Starwarsland and Toystoryland!


    Construction of Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge has been delayed and won’t open until 2071 for WDW’s 100th anniversary

Viewing 15 posts - 31 through 45 (of 120 total)

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