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    Mr.TomMorrow 15 XP

    So, this idea came to me and I don’t know if it’s because I’ve seen it before or if I actually came up with it. The name of this game is to come up with a Disney rumor that you think is completely outrageous. After you come up with your rumor you then give a topic for the next person to create a rumor about. I’ll get this one started…

    Did you know that if you say ‘supercalifragilisticexpialidocious’ to the ferry boat captain he will let you take the wheel and dock the boat?

    Next person: Magic Kingdom


    Nascfan 199 XP

    I’m afraid they might take some of our ideas and make them reality! :surprised:

    Magic Kingdom – construction will start this spring to add DVC Villas to Cinderella Castle.



    Mr.TomMorrow 15 XP

    If you stand in front of Spaceship Earth at 3:00 pm Figment will open a tile and fly out of the sphere to greet you!



    Disney is extending monorail service to Animal Kingdom Lodge, the moderate and value resorts, and Disney Springs. (I wish!)



    jamiedawn27 148 XP

    Hollywood Studios is changing its name back to MGM next year. The three giant letters will be lowered by helicopter and will stand where the hat used to be.

    Disney springs


    Did you hear?? Disney has been talking about opening a completely Frozen themed store where you can purchase all your Frozen items (plushes, kitchen, and perfume). They’ll even have a meet and greet with Oaken to say YooHoo too!

    Animal Kingdom


    steve 69 XP

    If you ride Expedition Everest at 2:14 PM the Yeti will be in A Mode for that ride only (this is the mode where he actually moves like when the attraction first opened).

    Typhoon Lagoon


    DA07DDA 8 XP

    If you go to the wave pool you won’t get a elbow in the face.



    Jloosh78 77 XP

    The monorail system is gettinga huge upgrade with travel to all 4 parks and all deluxe resorts!

    future world


    Mr.TomMorrow 15 XP

    Future world is turning back the clocks because of to much future…ness. They are now calling it Past World.



    Jloosh78 77 XP

    Disney Transportation is halting service as of 6/1/17. The maintence costs and labor rates have really spiked and it’s just not feesable to keep the busses running. Also a $3 fare will now be assesed for all monorail strap hangers and ferry riders starting 6/1/17. On a side not all side walks will be converted to speed ramps.


    RocketEAR99 199 XP

    I’ll take this as a wild card…

    They are creating a new interactive game for all 4 theme parks similar to Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom and Agent P World Showcase Adventure. This one will be exclusive to ECV guests. It’s called Magical ECV Pedestrian Polo. If you bump into the most people on your ECV one day, you get unlimited FastPasses on your next day of park touring!



    Jloosh78 77 XP

    Oh sorry I forgot to give you a new topic.


    Ok. Did you hear the news?? They’re canceling Illuminations and are adding in a all new firework spectacle called “Frozen: Reflections of Elsa”. The show will feature songs from the film, snow will fall when Elsa comes out on an iceberg sining “Let it Go”. (i would seriously boycott this)


    DA07DDA 8 XP

    The refillable mugs are no longer going to be refillable :(

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