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    Too reduce costs, Disney will remove the pontoon boats. Access to the island will now be via the exit queue of the Haunted mansion, to exit you must swim the gap between the old boat docks.

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    Did you guys hear Disney wants Mickey Mouse characatures (specifically on all new merchandise) as well as Meet and Greet costumes will resemble LEGO Mickey? The plan is to roll this out after the 50th anniversary year.

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    Disney has decided that it can no longer spend for Tomorrow. Therefore, in an effort to cut down on costs incurred continually updating Tomorrowland, it will be renamed Todayland.

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    Disney is currently in negotiations with the Smith family, stage 1 of the deal will see the famous Dole Whip renamed to the Dole wHip your hair back and forth, whip your hair back and forth.

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Viewing 4 posts - 136 through 139 (of 139 total)
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