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    D-COT Daily Disney Question #50 :minniebow:

    You’re headed to Walt Disney World / Disneyland right now, what is your FIRST ride?

    I’m headed straight to Spaceship Earth!! :minnie:


    Space Mountain!


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    It’s a toss up for me since I haven’t got to ride either yet so I’m going with Rise of the Resistance :kylo: :rey: :bb8: or Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway :) :minnie: !


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    50 – I’m running right down Sunset and going on Tower of Terror over and over


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    48 some Gelato from France

    49 combing this with the American Adventure question. Replace Hall Of Presidents with The American Adventure.

    50- Jungle Cruise (This should surprise no one)


    That is a tough one as my fave attraction is still Peter pan but love Adventureland and the dole whips. Pirates is my 2nd fave ride.
    So if I must pick one i will be Fantasyland.


    Dole Whip – Adventureland hands down.


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    Depends on which park.
    MK: BTMRR or 7DMT.
    EPCOT: Soarin’
    AK: Flight of the Banshee
    HS: Rise of the Resistance or Rockin’ Roller Coaster


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    Matterhorn Bobsleds!!!! It’s usually closed when we visit, so I’ll take any chance I can get to ride it. It’s so much fun!


    Spaceship Earth… Not because it is my favorite ride, but because it is the icon ride (and first I pass) in my favorite park.


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    Flight of Passage…


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    48: Cake from the petisserie in France :D
    49: For me, its a hard pass every time as i can’t really see a use in it…. Tourists don’t really visit any theme park to learn about US history, thats what museums are for and i can’t really imagine US citizens will see it as much of a highlight either. I say close and replace with another attraction (as long as its educational)
    50: Depends on the park
    AK: Killimanjaro Safari :D
    EP: Spaceship Earth
    MK: TTA (what i would give to ride this multiple times in a row)
    MGM: I really fancy muppets 3D!


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    #50… Hmmm…. depends which park we go to and then the wait times for each attraction


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    D-COT Daily Disney Question #51 :minniebow:

    Better show at Disney’s Hollywood Studios? Voyage of the Little Mermaid :ariel: :dingle: or Beauty and the Beast :belle: :beast: ?

    I think Beauty and the Beast is a much better show personally! :minnie:


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    51- love them both, but based on watching both shows through the eyes of my kids when they were little tikes still, I’d have to go with Voyage of the Little Mermaid. The bubbles, the waterfall, the visual effects with the lights and the smoke making you feel like you’re underwater…my kids were enchanted by it all.
    Awesome memories
    :heart: :ariel: :dingle: :ursela:

Viewing 15 posts - 541 through 555 (of 611 total)
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