2018 D-COT Meet Up

2018 Meet Up

Get your ears ready

Saturday, October 13th
3:30PM at Disney Springs

Facebook Event

It’s time to have another official D-COT Meet Up! :) It’s been waaaaay too long since the last one, don’t you agree?

I don’t have all the specifics built out yet, but I wanted to get a date out there so you can start planning. Once I figure out more information, I’ll update this page. Let’s make this the biggest meet up yet! You can join the event on Facebook by clicking here.


  1. Woohoohoooo! First one “going”! This is going to be fun!

  2. Eeeek!!!! Even though it’s 1 month before MY disneyland trip… I’m going to make this happen for a weekend!!! :minnie:

  3. Aimee, that makes me SO happy! :tigger: :up: :heart:

  4. Sweet!!! :D I just checked my work schedule and, @acamm :poca: , I think we can definitely make this happen :maui:

  5. Welp…. We better start planning @cammelot :minnie: :pluto:

  6. Hey it’s about time hooray for D-cot!

  7. We will be there with smiles on our faces! :)

  8. There’s a chance I can make this happen. Stay tuned!

  9. That would be awesome!

  10. I really hope I can make this one. I’d love to meet some of my D-Cot pals.

  11. I had tentatively booked that weekend randomly, so now I have extra reason to go!

  12. awww man!!! I’m going to miss it by about 2 weeks! I’m a major heat avoider so going on Halloween night was already pushing it for me. :/

  13. i’m going to push for it!

  14. i’m going to push for it to happen!

  15. Don’t forget ME when you book this special trip ;)

  16. I’ll be at the beach until the 13th, but I think if I leave day early I can make it to Disney Springs for this. :)

  17. My wife and I will be at WDW for 2 weeks in October and plan on attending.

  18. Last night I was looking at Resorts for our stay for this meet up. We are for sure going to stay at a Value Resort since it will just be a quick weekend trip for us… however….. @cammelot asked me where everyone else is staying because perhaps we would try to stay at the same place. Sooooooo the questions are:

    1. Have you already booked a resort?
    2. If so… which one?
    3. If not… where are you planning to stay?

  19. For those attending or thinking of attending, Aimee has started a thread in the forums with plans, possible dates for people, where they are staying, etc. It is here:

    Thanks Aimee!

  20. starbee is IN! :)

  21. wow, this fits perfectly w/ my annual Disney Park Moms Panel reunion, so i’m in! :pluto:

  22. Can’t wait! :ob:

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