Quiz: Walt Disney World’s Splash Mountain

Splash Mountain

“Mr. Bluebird on my shoulder. It’s the truth, it’s actual. Everything is satisfactual. Zip-a-dee-doo-dah, zip-a-dee-ay! Wonderful feeling, wonderful day!”  – Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah (Splash Mountain)

While at Walt Disney World, you can embark on a fun log flume ride featuring characters and songs from a classic film featuring Brer Rabbit, Brer, Bear, Brer Fox, and all of their friends!  The sensational ride features a cast of over 100 choreographed Audio-Animatronics including frogs, turtles, birds, and other happy singing animals.  Take this fun quiz to test your knowledge of Walt Disney World’s Splash Mountain.

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  1. Ouch! :( Guess I need to pay more attention to this ride!

  2. Pretty sure you won’t be catching me on Jeopardy any time soon! :surprised:

  3. I put Song in the South instead of Song of the South.

    Tricky! :donald:

  4. These quizzes can be pride-busters sometimes! I thought for sure I was going to get 100% here!

  5. Another great quiz!

  6. My favorite ride! And I’ve clearly passed that along. When I went to my 2nd grader’s parent teacher conference last week, the short story she had published for the parents to see was about her ride down Splash Mountain on our June trip. <3

    • Woohoooo!! So glad you like it… and you did amazingly!! :)

  7. Not one of my favorite rides, so I didn’t do so well…. :(

  8. Perhaps my second favourite ride at Magic! (right behind COP :))

  9. Almost every single one of mine was a guess so i guess 5/10 aint bad LOL

  10. Always the numbers that get me!

  11. That one was tough and it’s my favorite ride! Something about all of the pretty colors. It always looks bright and fresh and new in there.

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