Quiz: Walt Disney / Pixar: How Well Do You Know The Movie Up?

“Carl Fredricksen: Look, why don’t we play a game I know? Whoever is quietest for the longest time wins.
Russell: Oh great! My mom loves that game!” – Disney / Pixar: Up

The fan favorite Disney / Pixar movie, Up, centers on an elderly man named Carl Fredricksen and an enthusiastic boy named Russell. By tying thousands of balloons to his house, Carl sets out to fulfill his dream to see the wilds of South America, and complete a promise made to his late wife. During this exciting journey, Carl and Russell learn that they may need each other more than they first thought, and that Adventure Is Out There! Take this fun quiz and test your knowledge of Walt Disney/Pixar’s Up!

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  1. “Want to hear a funny joke? I am a squirrel who forgot to pack nuts for the winter and now I am dead. It’s funny because the squirrel gets dead.”

  2. Darn it! I missed a perfect score cuz of ice cream!!

  3. I missed the ice cream too @jamiedawn27! ????Another great quiz!

  4. Ice cream and then the badge. Oy!

  5. Love that part!

  6. Okay, my last comment was supposed to go under SEJ101 response!

    We just watched this movie a week or so ago. Love this movie!

  7. whewwww Glad i scored a 100%. That would’ve been embarrassing

  8. Even though it’s sad at times, I love this movie so much!!! :heart: :balloon:

  9. Dang it! I always miss ONE!

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