Quiz: Test your knowledge of MGM / Hollywood Studios!

“Welcome to the Hollywood that never was and always will be.“ – Michael Eisner

Over the years, Walt Disney’s Hollywood Studios has evolved from the original Disney’s MGM Studios, and has seen many great attractions come and go. Who can ever forget the now extinct Studio Backlot Tour, Drew Carey’s Sounds Dangerous, or more recently, the Great Movie Ride? “The Studios” is a well loved Disney Theme Park where one can step right in the middle of classic films such as Indiana Jones and The Little Mermaid. Take this fun quiz to test your knowledge of Walt Disney’s Hollywood Studios!

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  1. I’m the score to beat! But not for long I’m sure! LOL

  2. MUCH harder than I expected. Yikes I need to pay better attention!

    • Well…. I did make it a tad bit harder because last week so many got a perfect 100%!! :D

  3. I always thought it opened in ’87….I’ve been living a lie

  4. I scored an 8 and I figured someone would top it pretty quick. Yeah, that was harder than I was expecting. Really had to think (and guess!) hard about some of those.

    • You did GREAT!!! It was much harder than previous weeks for sure! I had to throw in a few tough questions to keep it interesting :)

  5. I’ve been around for the longest time since it opened with so much nooks & crannies that will always in my :heart: forever but in the mean time i’m looking forward to new auditions in the next couple of years.

  6. That was a tough one!! I only got 4 correct!! LOL

  7. I actually knew many of these! I’m surprised at myself. I had no idea about the extinct shows though.. Fudge.

    Great quiz, yet again!

  8. I love Hollywood Studios so much! :heart:

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