QUIZ: How Well Do You Know Walt Disney’s Movie: Tangled?

Walt Disney’s Movie: Tangled is a MAGICAL story of a beautiful princess who spends her entire life locked in a tower…. until a handsome thief stumbles upon her. Sit back, get your frying pans ready, and take this fun quiz to see how well you know Walt Disney’s Movie: Tangled!

[WpProQuiz 69] [WpProQuiz_toplist 69]

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  1. Woohoo woohoo!!! I got the mail right!!! :rapunzel: :pascal: :heart:

  2. I love this movie! One of Disney’s best! :rapunzel: :pascal:

  3. 8 out of 10…not bad. I love that movie.

  4. ROCKED IT! @Steve how about a little love for quizzes?? one point for every right answer? ;)

  5. Now everybody should know Eugene Rider is his name.

  6. The soup got me :P but I love Tangled! :rapunzel: :heart: great quiz! :up:

  7. Whoo hooo !! My favorite Disney movie ????????

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