Quiz: How Well Do You Know Walt Disney World’s Dumbo The Flying Elephant

“Timothy Q. Mouse: What’s the matter with his ears? I don’t see nothin’ wrong with ’em. I think they’re cute.” – Dumbo

Dumbo the Flying Elephant is one of the most popular attractions in each and every one of the Walt Disney theme parks. Walt Disney himself took a regular, run of the mill carnival attraction and turned it into one of the most loved rides in the world.  Grab your bag of circus peanuts & hop aboard your flying elephant to take this fun quiz and test your knowledge of Walt Disney World’s Dumbo The Flying Elephant!

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  1. Wow, I’m surprised I did as well as I did!!!

  2. 2 lucky guesses

  3. Wow! I did better than I thought for not having gone near this ride since 1990-something! :surprised:

  4. 50%? well considering i hate the ride as it makes me a nervous wreck I guess that’s expected. :P

  5. as you can tell its been a long time since I have ridden Dumbo LOL, and never on the new ones yet.

  6. Not bad for having never been to WDW!

  7. Sure feels longer than 90 seconds LOL

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