Quiz: How Well Do You Know Walt Disney World Bodies of Water?

Water is everywhere at Walt Disney World in the form of rivers, lakes, and even swimming holes! However, have you ever paid attention to the names of these magical bodies of water?  Sit back, pull up a canoe paddle, and take this fun quiz to see how well you know Walt Disney World Bodies of Water!

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  1. And the two I got were guesses!!!!! Just goes to show how one can miss things at the resort

  2. Good one @Acamm !

  3. Such an odd choice for a quiz, but not bad! There were some good questions in there!

    • And when you say odd choice you mean AWESOME!

    • I think it was a great choice. Most of us on this site are pretty well informed about the mainstream information. Digging down like this challenges us to be a little more observant! I didnt know ANY of the answers. Good Challenging Quiz

  4. I’ve never stayed at or been to CBR – only one I got wrong!

  5. I….clearly do not pay attention to bodies of water! LOL That was tough and I learned a lot!

  6. Terrific quiz. Well done, Acamm

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