Quiz: How Well Do You Know The Aristocats?

“Marie:  Me first! Me first!
Toulouse:  Why should you be first?
Marie:  Because I’m a lady. That’s why.
Toulouse:  Oh, you’re not a lady.
Berlioz:  You’re nothing but a sister!”

The classic Walt Disney animated film The Aristocats, tells the story of a family of aristocratic cats, and an ally cat who helps being kidnapped by their evil butler. The Aristocats is full of musical numbers, witty one liners, and touching moments that are sure to please viewers of every age. Take this fun quiz and test your knowledge of Walt Disney’s: The Aristocats!

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  1. I think I need to rewatch The Aristocats now!

    • Sounds like a great plan!!! Because “Everybody wants to be a cat!!” :cheshire:

  2. 8/10 and I guess almost all of them. Guess I need to re-watch the movie LOL

  3. Haha – can we tell this is one of my daughters’ favorite movies and I’ve seen it dozens of times…? :)

  4. Damn, swinging cat. My DD loved this movie and watched it every day for about 2 years. The tape wore out. We named one of our cats Jazz because of this movie.

  5. whoo hoo! It’s been like 10 years since I’ve seen this movie, but heck I must have one hell of a memory! :D :D

  6. 80% Not bad at all, i’ll take it! I’ve not seen the film in about 20 years!

  7. The Swan’s Uncle IS called Waldo. :angry:

  8. @ericasonic22 I thought so too, that’s the only answer I got wrong :(

  9. Not bad! I haven’t seen this movie since I was a kid

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