QUIZ: How Well Do You Know WDW’s Soarin Around the World?

Walt Disney World’s Soarin Around the World is a motion simulator attraction that allows guest to fly over famous landmarks all over the globe.  Sit back, get your pilot license ready, and take this fun quiz to see how well you know WDW’s Soarin Around the World?

[WpProQuiz 70] [WpProQuiz_toplist 70]

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  1. YAY I got a 10!!!!!! i better have, since after Livin’ with the Land, this is my mostest favoritest ( LOL :P ;) ) ride!!!

  2. My score soared to new heights! ;) :land:

  3. NAILED IT!!!!!!!

  4. Wow I’m shocked I knew almost all of them :)

  5. after seeing the first question i’m not gonna even bother to try this… i’m sure i’ll just embarrass myself LOL LOL

  6. 10 out of 10…not bad. :)

  7. Only got the math question wrong – again :P couldn’t picture it in my mind

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