Magic Behind the Music: MGM – Animation Courtyard – Area Loop

Let your mind drift away in to the magic of Disney animation with the music from the Animation Courtyard of Disney’s Hollywood Studios on the D-COT Jukebox.

Animation Courtyard

In the not-too-distant past, the highlight of a trip to Disney’s Hollywood Studios theme park was touring the working studios. Guests could take a tram ride through the Back Lot and they could also see Disney animators at work live and in person in an attraction called, “The Magic of Disney Animation” in a section of the park still known as the Animation Courtyard. The Animation Courtyard has been a land of the Hollywood Studios theme park since it opened as Disney-MGM Studios on May 1, 1989. Even though it is still there, its contents have changed over the last handful of years. Walt Disney Presents (formerly Walt Disney: One Man’s Dream) and Voyage of the Little Mermaid have been there for a long time now; the latter attraction being only a few years younger than the park! In recent years the Magic of Disney Animation was replaced by the Star Wars Launch Bay to get guests hyped for the premier of Galaxy’s Edge which will open to the public on August 29th. Just last year, the Disney Junior Dance Party made its debut for the entertainment of the park’s younger guests.

Given that the area originally centered on animation, the music of this area needed to as well. The music loop for the Animation Courtyard was added to the D-COT Jukebox on June 29, 2008, just a few months after the park was officially rebranded from the MGM name to the Hollywood name. The music is a collection of instrumental versions of familiar songs from various Disney animated classics. It can be fun to listen to the music and try to guess the songs as they are played without the lyrics, or just for the pure enjoyment of having something playing to put you in that Disney mood. For many D-COT members, this track is a staple. It has been played 33 times in the past week, putting it at #17 on the Top 25 Played Week list. It has an overall play count of 75,083 putting it at #18 on the Top 25 Played Overall list. 542 members have added it to their Favorites and D-COT Supporters have added it to 68 Custom Playlists. It gets a 4.9/5 average rating with 195 votes cast which gains it the Top 25 trifecta by putting it at #11 on the Top 25 Rated list.

Soon Star Wars will anchor a large section of Disney’s Hollywood Studios theme park and while we know Darth Vader will be making appearances at the Launch Bay at that time, it does leave a Disney fan wondering. How long will the Launch Bay last? How long will the Animation Courtyard retain its theme? No matter what happens, it’s comforting to know that the music on the courtyard is preserved on the Jukebox to sweep our minds away into the magic of Disney animation.

RocketEAR99 is one of our contributors that specializes in Disney music in the series we call "Magic Behind the Music". You will find some fun and exciting information about the music you can listen to in the jukebox.


  1. I’m a fan of this loop! :heimlich: :ariel: :belle: :lumiere: :note:

  2. I love this one! Definitely a staple for me!

  3. My MGM :heart: 30 years later.

  4. i love this loop so much!! one of my favorites :heart: :ariel: :belle:

  5. i loved watching the animators draw! i miss that part…feels like Disney has lost a little of its roots.

  6. This is a great loop!!! Many many good songs, including some of my favorites!!! :heimlich: :ariel: :beast: Wish it still played in the area and wish the Animation building never closed. Can’t wait for the demise of Launch Bay!!!!!

  7. one of my favorite loops!!

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