Magic Behind the Music: Disney’s Hollywood Studios – Backlot – Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater Area Loop

In Tomorrowland, the future holds a people mover, but in the 50’s they were worried about a people eater (of the one-eyed, one-horned, flying, and purple variety)!  It’s the 1950’s and you’re enjoying sci-fi movie clips and concessions with your friends or family in your sedan under the night sky at the local drive-in. Time travel may be improbable, but since Disney has been in the theme park business, they have made it more plausible with venues such as the Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Walt Disney World.

Disney is known for high-detail themes in all of its theme parks and resorts. Disney’s restaurants are no exception, especially those at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Few restaurants are quite as immersive as Sci-Fi Dine-In which has been around since April 20, 1991. In fact, since 1991 marked Walt Disney World’s 20th Anniversary, the restaurant was one of 20 new features to make their debut on property that year. The venue was so well-received that it became the most popular restaurant at the then MGM Studios in less than a year, serving more than 2,000 guests daily during peak season.  Many diners consider it as much an attraction as a place to get food. Diners are treated to a 45-minute revolving sequence of clips from science-fiction films of the 50’s and 60’s while they feast on hopped-up American cuisine like specialty burgers, hot sandwiches, milkshakes, and soda with shots of vanilla or cherry flavoring. Among the clips, guests will even get a glimpse of Walt Disney himself opening one of his Disneyland TV shows!

The audio from the revolving sci-fi movie clips is the feature of our D-COT track which was added to the Jukebox on October 31, 2012. What better day of the year is there than that to add a few monsters (and a lot of screams of terror) to your collection?  Speaking of collections, 103 Members have added this track to their favorites, while Supporters have added it to 29 Custom playlists. It has an overall play count of 392 with a weekly count of 24. The track gets a 4.6/5 average rating with 64 votes.  If you’re a fan of classic sci-fi before the likes of Star Trek and long before Star Wars, drop by this restaurant on your next visit. Even if you’re not able to dine there, be sure to ask the hostess to let you take a peek inside as they usually oblige.  Until then, let this track take you back to the days of damsels in distress, horrific creatures, terrifying robots, and giant everything from outer space!

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  1. Looooooove Sci-Fi!!!! It’s honestly my favorite sit-down. :heart: :heart: :heart:

  2. also LOOOOOVVVEEEE Sci Fi!!!! could watch that loop over and over again!! all the campy classic horror and sci fi I would watch with my Dad when I was little!!

    • It reminds me of movies I studied in my college film classes. I will never get tired of listening to this loop! :heart:

  3. Love love love this place…. I don’t care for the food… but LOVE the experience!! :heart:

    • It does help that the place is dark. This way you don’t see the slop they’re feeding you.

  4. I wasnt impressed with the menu. Give me the 50’s Cafe any day.

    • To each their own. I love the experience of both but I would probably side with Prime Time’s food being better.

  5. I haven’t been on the site much in the past year or so, but am trying to make a return. This is a great article and I’ll have to start watching for more of these. Wonderful read.

  6. Love the nod there ;) I agree with your comment that it’s more of an attraction than just a place to get food. That’s certainly true for us! When choosing dining at WDW we choose either 1) venues that offer food we can’t easily get at home OR 2) venues that offer a unique dining experience. Sometimes we’re able to pick somewhere that offers both. I know the food at Sci-Fi is not “out of this world” ;) but we love the theme and atmosphere, plus the menu is in keeping with that theme. That’s why it’s a favorite! :heart:

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