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    What are your thoughts on this place?

    The Crystal Palace, a Feast in the Hundred-Acre Wood


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    Crystal Palace? We like it a lot. Been there a few times and we really love the :pooh: and :tigger: and Eeyore and Piglet characters. I know a lot of people don’t like the buffets or that type of food but we’ve never had anything bad there. Good character meal in the park in my opinion.


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    It’s been many moons since I’ve been there… from what I remember it was pretty good.


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    I was actually thinking of eating there again this trip we are going, we liked eating there a lot !


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    Never been, my mom doesn’t like character dining so all we’ve done is chef mickey’s and cinderella’s royal table. maybe one day though i’ll get to eat here :)


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    I wasn’t a fan. The food was blah…reminded me a Golden Corral…not high quality. Unless you have little kids who like that boring buffet stuff or are huge fans of the characters, i wouldn’t waste the money.


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    We ate there last trip and I honestly can’t remember much of the food…that’s how memorable the food was. :D We only got to see Pooh Bear and Tigger because the characters took too long to make it around the place before our party was done… that being said, our family decided to give it another shot this upcoming trip…so it couldn’t have been that bad, right? LOL The menus and food pictures I’ve seen look like breakfast might be a better option than lunch/dinner…


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    Ate there once in 2009.
    Haven’t been back since
    But I’d eat there over Tony’s any day.


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    I enjoy it! My favorite is the french toast.


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    It is okay. Not the best, not the worst. We do not go out of our way to go there, but if the kids (or the Mrs. ) wanted, I wouldn’t complain about it.


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    we like it, but it’s a sentimental favorite for the characters as much as anything, plus its location. the food has never struck me as being particularly good or bad, but the kids have always loved it so it’s been worth it. I’d do it again. I can certainly understand the criticism for most character meals – most often the food is so-so at best, and then the perceived value.


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    Was just there a month ago for dinner. The food was ok, but I’ve had better buffets. The food options were pretty simple, and it was nice to see Eeyore and Piglet that aren’t out and about in the park. I’d definitely pick buffets in other parks before I’d go back though. I’ve heard it’s better for breakfast though.


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    we’ve only ever been for breakfast. only twice, but enjoyed both times. our kids are big Pooh fans, so a hit overall.

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