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    I will always love meeting Eeyore, anywhere I can. In the past it was always Crystal Palace or in the British pavilion, but the best was many years ago (the castle was Pink, so that many years ago LOL ) they had the character bus in Epcot and it pulled up right at the front of World Showcase when I was walking through with my sis and her friend, and I pretty much bowled them over to get to Eeyore first!
    I do also love meeting Chewie as he gives the best hugs!! :chewy: :chewy:


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    Disney Question No. 35 – original Test Track all the way! I agree with Jamie that the new design takes away the story and I agree with Scott that it was more like a test track, which is the whole point.

    Disney Question No. 36 – Space Mountain but it’s so hard to choose! I love them all! :heart:

    Disney Question No. 37 – The Grave Diggers in Liberty Square at MNSSHP and outside the backstage area of Magic Kingdom during the WDW marathon :hatbox:


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    Luke Skywalker in HS. This was the best because we got a one on one meet and greet with him. This was the celebration trip after I returned from deployment. We stood in line twice to meet him and they cut it off both times right when we got to him. Our kids are really into Star Wars and they were pretty disappointed. I verbalized (not angrily) how frustrating it was and that it was our last day to be in HS and the minder cast member took pity on us and told us to meet them behind Tatooine Traders in a few minutes. We did and it was the best meet and greet ever. We thanked them profusely.


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    I have several character interactions that stick out in my mind such as dancing with Cinderella and being tackled by Merida the best has to be back in 2012. During the Fantasyland construction Ariel (in human form) and Eric where doing meet and greets in Adventureland. I was there celebrating my birthday and of course had to jump in line to meet Ariel. Ariel was admiring my collection of Disney pins and asked me if I knew her favorite part of her collection. Having only seen The Little Mermaid 4 billion times I knew if was the dinglehopper. Then she asked how many dinglehoppers I had at home. While I was mentally counting the forks I had back home she turned around and was looking through a box. I said I had about 20. Then she presented me with a plastic dinglehopper and said “Now you have 21. Happy birthday.” I still have it to this day in a special display case. It’s my favorite birthday gift I ever got not for what it is but who gave it to me.


    37 I loved meeting the Step-Sisters in Magic Kingdom. They were silly and funny with my son and daughter. When I rejected them after they asked me if I was interested in becoming their new maid, they reminded me that 100% of their maids go on to become queens. I was cracking up! LOL


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    37 – Hands down it was meeting Jasmine and Aladdin in Morocco, back when they were still meeting together. Cammie had just gotten a little lightsaber (about the size of a pen) before the M&G and was carrying it around with her. Aladdin asked about the “magic wand” and thought it could be used to awaken the lamp, so they had her swish her “magic wand” around and smoke started to come out of the lamp. The looks on the characters faces were what sold the whole thing. They spent so much time on this interaction, and it was something I’ll never forget!


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    Sorry – I gotta play catch up.

    29- Wishes
    30- Illuminations
    31 – Bus. Sorry :monorail: lovers. The monorails are always crowded and no one talks to each other. I find the buses more comfortable and everyone is always chatty and happy to talk with each other. I have had a lot of good convos on the buses.
    32- People Mover! Solid classic ride.
    33- Art of Animation. The theming is a treat!
    34 – Bongos! :dingle:
    35- 1.0 / I really liked the ability to “pick one” before you got on the ride
    36 – Splash Mountain for sure!
    37-Eeyore at Magic Kingdom. I just love that guy. So sweet. Second runner up would be Russell at Animal Kingdom. He was so sweet with my son who just adored him and hugged him and spent a good amount of time with my son.


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    37- I think it was when we met Mike and Sulley at HS. They were so awesome and spent a lot of time knocking off and picking up Tammy’s ears and we all were laughing. Plus the big hugs from Sulley were one of the best. Baymax hugs are awesome too!


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    34 – Gotta go with the Earl of Sandwich
    35 – The original!
    36 – Splash Mountain, hands down. My kids love “tricking” their grandma into going on this ride and getting soaked.
    37 – I enjoyed meeting Joy/Sadness at EPCOT. I was wearing a shirt that said “Today is a Core Memory Day” and Joy mimed a large sphere, then handed it to me. Sadness mimed a heart shape and then gave me a huge hug. They were really amazing.


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    33) I鈥檝e never stayed at any! But Art of Animation always looks fun 馃槉

    34) Sunshine seasons :up:

    35) Test track 1.0 :D

    36) Got to be splash, I do love that ride

    37) I鈥檝e not really done the character visits in years but I do remember meeting Mickey on main street back In the late 90鈥檚. Pretty special 馃槉


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    Question #37

    When I was three years old I met Chip and Dale at Disneyland. It was such an experience to my three year old brain that I latched on to a Dale stuffie at one of the gift shops and refused to let go and my dad bought it for me. At 10 years old I spent a full day chasing Robin Hood around Magic Kingdom and never managed to be in the right place, but I did get to meet Prince John, who was delightfully awful!

    Characters are not my main reason for going to Disney, but my kids have had chance encounters with Kevin, Gaston, Baloo and Cinderella’s evil step sisters that were pretty amusing.


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    D-COT Daily Disney Question #38 :minniebow:

    What is your favorite room in the Haunted Mansion? :leota: :bride: :hatbox:

    For me… its the stretching room! It sets up the entire ride, and gets me so excited every single time! :bride: :hatbox: :leota:


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    #38 – I think the ballroom for me. :bride: :hatbox: :leota: :heart:


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    Does the Graveyard part of the WDW queue count? That’s my favorite to walk through and play in :heart: If not, Stretching Room :snow: :tomb:


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    Ballroom for sure.

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