Walt Disney World Annual Passes Get a Price Increase Today

With the new vacation packages going on sale today, Disney decided it was a good time to increase the prices of its annual passes at Walt Disney World. In the below numbers you will see the Florida Resident price then the Out-of-State price.

  • Platinum Plus: $999 (was $849 +$150) / $1,219 (was $994 +$150)
  • Platinum: $899 (was $749 +$150) / $1,119 (was $894 +$225)
  • Gold: $699 (was $609 +$90)
  • Silver: $519 (was $479 +$40)
  • Theme Park Select: $439 (no price change)
  • Weekday Select: $349 (was $319 +$30)
  • Epcot After 4: $309 (was $289 +$20)
  • Water Parks: $139 (was $130 +$9)
  • Water Parks After 2: $89 (was $79 +$10)

Will you be renewing? If you’re a Gold passholder, will you still upgrade to the Platinum to reserve Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge previews at Disney’s Hollywood Studios?

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  1. Zoinks! :surprised:

  2. that’s ridiculous!! 200 dollar increase for platinum?! :donald:

  3. :surprised: :surprised: We were a platinum passes but now I think will have to downgrade to gold not sure if we can keep our passes if they keep pushing up the prices like this and on top of that charging for parking at the hotels!!! :angry: :angry:

    • And they increased parking fees. :angry:

      • :surprised: :angry: :angry: I think Walt would roll over in his grave!!! He wanted Disney to be a place everyone could afford to go and have fun! :angry: :angry:

        • I agree. It’s becoming more and more about the cash than it is about the guests being able to enjoy something magical. :(

          • As an ex-cast member, it makes me very sad to see what is going on now! When I worked there it was still a very magical place to work! (1989 -1998) I would hate to see how the cast members are treated now compared to when I worked there! A lot has changed at Disney and not all of it has been good! Like you said it seems to be all about the cash now and not about the guest or cast members! :angry:

  4. this makes me want to cry. as over $1100 we will not be able to do that annually in the future :( even for one of us

  5. This is not going to go well for pass holders. More disappointments, let’s hope parking isn’t $30?

  6. wow…just wow. what a slap in the face. $444 for a 6 day ticket? I do not like that they vary the ticket price by day. How do you know when you will go exactly? What if you buy your ticket then cancel your trip? This is turning into a hot mess and taking away the fun. :(

  7. This is really disappointing :( It’s not like they’re needing to recoup the money for Galaxy’s Edge, not to mention if they were trying to save money there was no need to spend over a million dollars on FP+ and MDE. I know they’re a business and they need to make money but they can do that without these extreme price hikes, plus, they increase the prices even when they’re not actually offering anything more than they were at the former price. I don’t understand why Disney is trying to engage the celebrity level wallets, they’re not the dedicated people who return year after year like the average American.

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